Saturday, October 3, 2009

China Glaze Khrome (not Chrome!) & A VNS Update

Above: China Glaze Khrome color wheel L-R: Hi-Tek, 2030, Robotika, Sci-Fi, Metallic Muse, and Millennium.

China Glaze Khrome, not to be confused with China Glaze Glitters & Chromes, is being released on October 5. Yen from Victoria Nail Supply was kind enough to send me a picture of a nail wheel showing the 6 shades included in the Khrome collection. It is my understanding that 2 of these shades are included in Sally's Glitters & Chromes display (Millennium and Metallic Muse) because I saw them in the display last week and picked up Metallic Muse. You can see more about the Khrome collection on the China Glaze website here. These are all metallic/foil finishes and I was very impressed when I tried Metallic Muse. I love this type of finish, but I think many of you will agree that it's often difficult to get a clean look without any streaking or an uneven application of color. I didn't have that problem with mine and 2 coats gave it a very even finish with no evident brush strokes.

I wanted to share a couple of the things Yen mentioned to me about upcoming offerings on their website...first off, because I know many of you are anxious to get some of the remaining China Glaze Glitters, they will be receiving Mahoganie, Glam, Doll House, and Pom Pom on Tuesday. Mahoganie has been on my "want" list since I first saw the bottle picture, and Doll House has caught my eye more than once as well. Essie has a 3 piece Holiday set coming out later this month called Sweet Time of the Year, which includes a mint green shade, a light pink, and an orange/red shade. I should have nail wheel color swatches next week to show you and I know without even seeing it yet, that the mint green one is going on my "want" list as well! The last bit of news is also exciting...Color Club is going to be sending some new Japanese Exclusive Glitters to VNS shortly to add to the 5 they already have available. My "want" list is growing!


  1. Soooo excited! This is going to be one of the best nail polish seasons ever!!

  2. Now I have to wait till Tuesday! Okay, but it's tough. I've also been waiting for Mahoganie. I'm anxious to see swatches of the Krome collection.

  3. *sigh* VNS is killing me here. Trying to reign it in , and they're not helping! :P

  4. I just saw an ad for the Essie holiday collection. I love that "mint" color as well!

    Not so sure about how I feel about the ChG Khrome colors. I guess I'll have to see those in person to actually form an opinion. That color wheel sample isn't giving me much.

  5. Oooo I've been waiting for these!

  6. Oh how exciting! I'm not sure what I'll be buying I have to cut back. Probably the glitters lol :D

  7. ohhh yummy! there goes another check going to polish

  8. I saw the mint green color by Essie at a nail event at TNG in New Hudson last week. It is very pretty, wondering if it is a dupe for Channel's new green? Also found out that the Wizard of Ooooohs and Ahhhhhhs will be available in December, moved up from 2010. Saw some great pictures of the Khrome Collection in Nail Pro. They look amazing.

  9. I really love the Japanese glitters from Color Club. I have Sakura Glow on my toes right now and it's fantabulous. Maybe I'll need to buy backups of each!

  10. There may be more of the Khrome colors at Sally's than those two - I picked up In Awe of Amber and Twenty-Four Karat, too, and I think they are part of the collection. I'm not really wowed by them but they do look nice under some of the glitters!!! THanks for sharing all this upcoming product news! As if my want list could get any does!

  11. Valerie~it certainly seems like there are tons of collections out right now. I can't wait for Dec./Jan. to see what's in store for Spring!

    Lucy~I've wanted Mahoganie since I first saw it. I picked up the Metallic Muse because it has some mint green tones to it.

    Krisprimps~how's that low-buy coming? Ha-ha...I know what you mean, I keep seeing more new things and I thought it was slowing down.

    The Pretty Brown Girl~the other 2 shades in Essie's little collection are nothing special, but the mint...that's a must! The Khromes are nice, the colors are pretty routine, but I love the finish.

    Denny~just a few things to be excited about to tide us over between collection :)

    Nosaby~I saw these during the summer and the finish really caught my eye, very smooth and even looking.

    Kae~I'm trying to cut back too, but it doesn't appear that I'm doing too well!

    Tiffany~we all know the feeling! Oh well, we could be spending our money on worse things, right?

    Siamese FLame~I saw those pics in Nail Pro too, and they really caught my eye! I'll probably pick up a few more. I'm anxious to get the Essie mint to see how it compares to some of the others in that shade family.

    Rachel~I like those polishes very much also. There's about 12 of them that originally released and maybe we'll be able to get all of them.

    Nail Fanatic~they'r eall pretty, although I'd like to see a little more variation in the colors!

    BeautyJudy~I saw those other ones a couple of weeks ago, and last week there were totally different ones out. Sally isn't calling them Khromes, but rather Chromes...I think it's a marketing ploy to confuse us!

  12. Oh cool! Thanks for all the good info! I see another VNS order coming soooooon :)

  13. Thanks for clarifying for me, Mary!! :) I've been so focused on those glitters that I haven't even thought much about the other polishes LOL!!!