Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blue Cross Beauty Pumpkin Polishes

Above & Below: Blue Cross Beauty Pumpkin Polishes. Above is a pretty shade of teal or turquoise green, although it's an odd color for Halloween. I thought it might glow in the dark, but it doesn't. It took 4 coats and the application and formula quality were not good. It dries to a semi-matte finish. Below is 4 coats (on top of 4 coats of the base color!) of the glitter polish.
Below: These don't have names, other than "Pumpkin Nail Enamel" and "Glow-In-The-Dark Nail Enamel".
This is a bit of a "fail" to me, but failures are okay as long as we learn something, right? What I learned is that although Blue Cross Beauty can make some beautiful, quality nail polishes (Liquid Euphoria comes to mind), these are not in that realm. The seasonal Pumpkin Polishes, found at stores such as Rite-Aid, are inexpensive and cute, but don't really impress me otherwise. The colored ones take too many coats (4) and are streaky. The glow in the dark ones do glow, but don't have much of a color payoff. The glitter polishes are difficult to apply, and get an even distribution of the glitter in less than 4 coats. But that's alright, because I only bought them for their "cute" factor!


  1. I still want the bar glitter! I know I'm crazy thanks for sharing!

  2. I have the grey holo and I really like it. But my biggest reason for buying was the cute bottle.
    I do like that turquoise but good to know about the application isuues.

  3. I have three of these! I got them for the cute factor too; but they smell awful and they're not very manageable at all. They are cute though!

  4. We are all crazy for buying these for the cuteness factor! My Rite Aid didn't have turquoise. Instead they had a powder blue with shimmer, and they're supposed to be glow in the dark. I haven't tried them. How's your daughter feeling? I hope she's better.

  5. I am not picking up any of these, but the bottles are super cute!

  6. The bottles are soooo cute though! :) I agree though, having to use 4 coats does get old really quick.

  7. I loved Liquid Euphoria so much! I had this one bottle in high school that got too thick and I threw it out... this was before I knew about polish thinner! I still kick myself about that, 5 years later!

    Do you own any Liquid Euphoria polishes, Mary? If so, what colors? Have you seen any other brands or collections come close to it?

  8. those are so cute , i love the blue 1 XD

  9. Nail Polish Junkie~thank you, I just wish it wasn't so streaky because I love the shade!

    Pien~thanks! Cute, yes, but not very good quality. What did I expect for the price though :)

    Carley~I'd be mad about throwing it out too, now that we know better! I sadly don't have any myself. I've seen a few shades that are somewhat similar, but unfortunately, nothing really close.

    Brooke~I really did buy them just for the bottle, but it would've been nice if they were a little better quality formula.

    GildedAngel~I don't blame you. Although I've seen pictures of a gray glitter one that looks pretty. I imagine the quality on it isn't good either though.

    Lucy~I've seen some other shades also, but I think I'll pass on them. Check back next year, I'll still probably buy them for the "Cute" factor, even though I say otherwise! My daughter's fine now, thanks!

    Nicole~I agree with everything you say!

    Mighty Lambchop~I never saw the grey in person, but it looks pretty in photos.

    Kitty~I love bar glitter, that was one of the reasons I bought it. Oh well!

    Jessying~thank you. Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!