Monday, October 5, 2009

Barielle Matte-Inée & Shades Decadence

Above: Barielle Shades in Decadence, 2 coats with no top coat. Photos taken outdoors under cloudy skies with no flash.
Above & Below: Decadence with 2 coats of Nfu-Oh 40, which is a milky white shade and does not change the color of the base color, other than adding flaky glitter. My ring finger is shown with one coat of Barielle's Matte-Inée as a matte top coat, and does not have the Nfu on it.
Barielle recently released their take on the matte trend with a product called Matte-Inée. The press release states the description as "A unique blend of strengtheners & conditioners with a proprietary formula that provides outstanding strength, conditioning and protection to the nail for greater flexibility. Dries to a matte finish that can be used by men or women. Also dulls the high luster shine of color polish to provide a satin finish." This is designed to be used alone or as a matte finish top coat. It is Big-3 Free and the key ingredient is Hydrolyzed Keratin.

I know what you're does this compare to the other matte top coats? My answer would be that as far as a finished look, it doesn't give you the flatness of Nubar's V For Men, Essie's Matte About You or China Glaze's Matte Magic. It is a true satin or eggshell finish, and it is not as shiny as Orly's Matte Top or Orly's Nails for Males. I have all of those products and I would rank Barielle's between the first three I listed and the Orly's. Am I disappointed it's not a flatter finish? Not at all, and I'll tell why. I like to have a variety of similar products in my arsenal because even though the average person may not be able to tell a difference, I, and I'm sure many of you, can. How else would we explain having 20 different polishes that are of similar hue, but yet very different to us?!! This product gives me a different finish than the 3 true matte tops I have (those 3 are very similar to each other in the finished look) and a different finish than the 2 Orly's.

The price on this one, if you're comparing products that are considered by the manufacturer as a matte finish, is higher than the others at $16.00 for a .50 fl. oz. bottle. Even though it's more expensive, I realized after reading the product information that it is also a nail treatment. In addition to changing the finish, it also enhances the health of the nail by the addition of the keratin and other ingredients found in this product. As the official description states, it gives your nails additional strength, conditioning and protection. I have always been very pleased with Barielle's treatments and I will begin using this as a base coat as well. I'll still use my other matte top coats, depending on the look I'm trying to achieve, but this is a product I can use more than one way.


  1. that is such a beautiful color
    i like it without the matte top coat

  2. I'm with Angela - I like it without the top coat. What a seriously gorgeous colour!

  3. Ooo it looks nice matte! I love Nfu 40 puts magic to most nail polishes :)

  4. OMG Mary, that is such a stunning color! It looks gorgeous on you and I love what you did with it. Both matte and Nfu Oh :)

  5. That is a gorgeous color! It looks very pretty on you. I like it even better with the no top coat.

  6. I like this manicure. Looks really pretty. I like having one matte nail and then some flakies. I won't bother getting this Barielle. I have the Orly Matte and that gives the same finish. Doesn't give the Keratin but I'll live. Thanks very much for showing the difference in them all. (((hugs)))

  7. I love it layered with nfu oh, it looks like a shell! That color is stunning :)

  8. I love the layering with Nfu Oh!! Thanks for the tips on this matte top coat. I'm curious about it because it's also a treatment, and it has keratin, which I've heard is good for hair but am curious about it for my nails!

  9. Angela~thank you, it's a perfect shade of turquoise and applis very nicely. I like it both ways regarding the top coat, just depends on my mood!

    JacieO~Barielle makes some unique shades and this is definitely one of them.

    Nail Fanatic~me too, it just tones it down a bit and gives it a different finish. Nfu's are magic :)

    AllYouDesire~I'm happy that you like it! I think this is my new favorite turquoise and I like the semi-matte look the other product gives it.

    Garland~thank you, I have a weakness for turquoises and teals!

    Nihrida~glad you like it! One of my favorites, too!

    Lucy~I like all of the different looks going on! Hope you're doing well!

    Kae~isn't it pretty? It's such a bright shade, but seems to have a little blackened base...I don't know, but I love it!

    BeautyJudy~there's some information online about Keratin for both hair and nails. I think you hear more about it for hair, but it's great for nails too.