Friday, September 25, 2009

Wet n Wild Festive Flirt Holiday Bottle Pics

Above: 4 of the shades from Wet n Wild's Festive Flirt Holiday collection L-R: Holly, Frostbite, Gilded and Gumdrop.
Above & Below: Massini's new Fall Promo polishes. Look at the purple and turquoise glitter in the bottom row! I saw these pumpkin polishes and had to get them!
When I was at Meijer last week the sales girl in the cosmetics department told me they had Sally Hansen's new LE HD Display, but wouldn't be putting it out until this week. I've been stalking the shelves ever since hoping to get Opulent Cloud, but they still haven't put the display out yet. I did however, spot Wet n Wild's Festive Flirt Holiday display, although there were a couple of empty slots, so I don't know what those shades were. I picked up 4 of them and there was also another gold (Blitzen) and another red (Ho, Ho, Ho). I'm guessing there are 8 polishes in the collection, and although they are smaller (0.29 fl. oz.) than your average bottle of polish, the colors look to have some unique finishes.

Holly-a deep red shimmer with what appears to be glass flecked shimmer in deep red and gold.

Gilded-a gold glitter with micro gold glitter and larger octagonal multi-colored glitter.

Frostbite-a bright silver shimmer that looks like it would have a foil finish.

Gumdrop-a golden bronze with similar colored micro glitter.

I also located Massini's Fall Promo polishes and several of these are repromoted shades I believe, and 2 of them I'm certain are duplicates found in Color Club's Wild at Heart collection, as Forsythe is the manufacturer of both of these brand lines. There are 9 polishes in this collection, and they had 8 left, so I'm uncertain as to what the other one is. The turquoise and purple glitters are the ones that really caught me eye though. They have no names on the label, just the words "Fall Promo". I'll put these in line for swatching during the upcoming week. So no Opulent Cloud (yet!), but not a wasted trip. I hope everyone enjoys their first weekend of Fall!


  1. Love the new layout, Mary!
    I'm going to have to check out my Meijer after reading this post!

  2. Aren't they pretty! Hooray glitters. I love those pumpkins. Is the pumpking black with orange? I need that shade. The rest I can skip since I have all these colors already. They still are tempting.

  3. i love the bottles that are on the last picture- i wish they sell such crazy bottles where i live

  4. I hope the purple and blue glitters will end up in your store ^_~

    They are awesoooooome!

  5. These pumkin polishes are soo cute!All the colour you got there look great!Enjoy them Mary!

  6. wow you scored with that trip! Those Massini ones are so pretty, I wanna see those :D Those wnw are cute, guess I'm gonna have to try some stores this weekend!

  7. Love them all! I'm really excited by what the companies are bringing out at the moment.

  8. The turquoise one calls my name!

  9. oooh, nice haul, can't wait to see swatches! I especially love those pumpkin polishes---adorable!

  10. Those pumpkins are so cute. Finally, a collection I can skip. Not to crazy about the W&W. The Massini's look good, but I've never seen them in my area. Over all a nice haul.

  11. Yeah, the Massinis are definitely not in my area either! I'll have to shop from your store for those beauties, Mary. ;) I love them! Looking forward to your swatches.
    Is it bad that although I'm not head over heels about the WNW polishes, I'll have to have them because they're Christmas-themed? Haha! I love Christmas almost as much as I love Halloween - speaking of which (witch??? :D) THOSE CUTE PUMPKIN POLISHES! What a COOL find! Love it! :D

  12. I'll have to check the Halloween aisle at Rite Aid for the pumpkin polishes. Wet 'n' Wild is so slow to stock in the city. We are down to half full displays of the chrome polishes and the Craze colors arrived only recently. I am curious to see how opaque the Flirt polishes are. I love that one is called Gumdrop. Cute!

  13. Nessa~glad you like the layout! In my town, Meijer always seems to get the new collections of things first.

    Lucy~yes, the pumpkin is black with lots of orange glitter :)

    Polished Museaholic~I think I bought those more for the bottles than for the shades!

    Rachel~they'll end up there if I ever get 'unlazy' and get them posted there! They are very pretty, I love Massini's.

    Katie~I thought they were cute too, thank you!

    Kae~I always like WnW collections. The bottles are smaller, but they're still nice.

    Helen~thank you :) There's too much coming out now! It seems to be slowing down a little though, thank goodness!

    Phyrra~I thought that was so pretty, it reminded my of some other shades I have that are similar, but the bottle was too cute to pass up.

    Euridice~the packaging on these pumpkin bottles gets me every year!

    Nosaby~the colors were nothing terribly special in the WnW, but the way they looked in the bottle finish-wise is what made me buy them.

    Nicole~I wish I knew what the other shades were in the WnW. If they were green or blue, that would disappoint me that I didn't get them, but I imagine they were reds or golds.

    Diana~Rite Aid had some cute pumpkin polishes too last week. I loved those Chrome polishes but I think I was only able to find 3 of them.