Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Updates: VNS Exclusive Color Club Glitter Pictures, Nice Things Swap Package!

Above: Color Club's Exclusive Japanese Glitter that Victoria Nail Supply will have in stock later this week. I posted about this shade last week along with a picture of swatches of the color, as well as pictures of the color layered over other polishes.
Below: The goodies from another wonderful swap with Helen of Helen & Sheenie's Nice Things. L-R: OPI Nutcracker Sweet, Collection 2000 in Wow, Collection 2000 in Intense, Collection 2000 in BMX Bandit, Barry M in Gold, Barry M in Blue Glitter, 2True in Shade No. 15. This started out as a swap for Illamasqua lip gloss in Soul and it grew from there! She also included a tube of L'Occitane hand creme and a packet of yummy British tea.
Good morning! I hope everyone's doing well this morning. I received an e-mail from Yen at Victoria Nail Supply regarding their exclusive Japanese Glitter from Color Club and they should be receiving it this Thursday. I'm hoping to have a bottle shortly thereafter, but in the meantime, I posted the promo pictures above, and you can read more about it in this post. Based on the sample swatches she sent, this should make a fantastic layering polish. Color Club is also going to be making full-sized bottles for VNS of Yule Love It (red glitter) and Under the Mistletoe (green glitter) which are found in the Wonderland mini set. Here's some pictures of those polishes, if you're interested. Dynasty and Electric Lilac (China Glaze Glitters) should arrive at VNS on Thursday. I received 12 more of the China Glaze Glitters yesterday, so I'll be posting those in the upcoming days.

Helen from Helen & Sheenie's Nice Things blog recently sent me a fantastic swap package. I always enjoy swapping with Helen because we both seem to know each other's likes and dislikes very well and she never fails me in her selections. If you're not familiar with 'Nice Things', be sure to check it out for some great photos and products and as always, very entertaining writing. Thank you Helen for another wonderful swap! Hopefully we'll be able to meet in person some day, perhaps at an International Bloggers convention?!! What would you ladies think of that idea? Helen asked about the possibility of having one in NYC. How fun would that be? We'd probably spend more money on shopping, eating and drinking than we would on our flights and accommodations!

Spotted in Walgreen's this morning: Sinful's Halloween Display containing 4 polishes. There was a black (Black on Black), a neon green (Irish Green), a purple shimmer and an orange glass-flecked polish in the display. I imagine they're repromoted colors and although it was a cute display, I didn't pick anything up from it.


  1. Great new layout! THe blog looks absolutly fantastic!!!

  2. I ordered from VNS randomly last year sometime and I'm happy they've gotten involved with your blog! I love glitter. I love that I can now own every shade of glitter imaginable. But it's bad from a company perspective because I may never have the need to buy nail polish again @_@

  3. So glad it all arrived safely, even if it did take four weeks to find you! I had visions of a Michigam postie wearing Illamasqua lipgloss and gold nails!

  4. OMG, I just PLACED a VNS order, now I'm gonna need another one! Haha! Mary, you kill me. ;) In a totally good way. I'm dying for Mahoganie to become available, but I'm glad the purple is, because I've been wanting that too. Oh, and Dollhouse, I've been eying that for weeks!
    Awww, how nice of Helen, that's a fantastic package! I wonder how that hand cream is? I've heard such great things about it!

  5. I'm so excited, more glitter! I will have to check that out. I just got the mini Color Club Christmas set. I like the glitters that they make. They are always so packed with glitter. Nice package! I love L'Occitane hand creme. It is terrific. I have a jar of their Ultra Rich Body Creme in Lavender right next to me. You only need a teensy amount and it does a terrific job. Helen is sending tea to you since she doesn't like it. Imagine a born and bred English girl not liking tea! I almost fainted, hehe! She only uses tea bags for nail patches. I'm going to have to get on her for this.

  6. hahahaha Lucy.

    I love all fruit and herbal teas, but it is the standard breakfast / earl grey / darjeeling etc that I can't stand!

  7. Tali~thank you! I think it's finally the way I want least for now :)

    Rachel~VNS offer great service, I agree. Somehow I think even if I had this one polish for layering, it wouldn't slow down my purchasing of other polishes :)

    Helen~ha-ha, that's a sight I don't think I'd want to see, especially on my post man! I love everything, thanks again :)

    Nicole~these glitters are coming out so fast, I wasn't even sure which ones to get! Yen's Mom actually picked out my order for me because I just told her I wanted 12 but didn't care what! She did a great job. I'll let you know on the hand cream.

    Lucy~good to hear about the hand cream. Helen isn't one to follow the crowd, now is she :)

  8. got these glitters too - I just had too.