Monday, September 7, 2009

Quirius Paris Night & Sinful Opal Glitter

Above & Below: QRS Paris Night shown in 2 coats. Below pictures show it with Sinful's Opal Glitter as a top coat.

I wanted to remind you that the $3.00 coupon for QRS/Quirius expires today, so if you're thinking about ordering some polishes from this line, now's the time! Their polishes are $3.00 each, but if you order a 'choose your own 6 piece set', the price is just $15.00. Combine that with the coupon, and you're getting 6 polishes for just $2.00 each. Their customer service, shipping and turnaround time is excellent also. You can find the coupon and ordering details over in the right hand column.

Paris Night is a darker shade of dusty teal, which I have a weakness for. In some lighting, it appears to be more of a muted shade of cadet blue. There looks to be the slightest hint of violet shimmer in the bottle, but once applied to the nail it is much more of a creme finish. The shimmer is noticeable in the enlarged pictures, but extremely subtle in actuality. I applied 2 coats and also used a clear top coat, as it tends to dry with a little less shine than I prefer. I then applied a coat of Sinful's Opal Glitter to add a little sparkle. Opal Glitter is a clear to milky jelly polish with small iridescent glitter that reflects a beautiful array of colors. I hope you're all enjoying the Labor Day weekend. My daughter goes back to school tomorrow, which we're both looking forward to!


  1. Labor Day = relaxing, so I'm enjoying :) Best wishes to back to school day tomorrow! Paris Night is on my list of wants at Quirius! I need to go order six more before that coupon expires!! Thanks for the lovely swatches, Mary!

  2. Love this shade of Quirius, have to add it to my wish list and hopefuly purchase it after my 3 months of ''no online buy'' expires. :))) It looks great with Sinful too. Thanks for emailing me, Mary!! :*

  3. Just wondering: how about this manicure with matte top coat? Anyway, looks pretty cool allready :-)

  4. it's such a beautiful teal - i love it! I'm also quirius (hehe) about seeing it matte - it's seems like a great color to go matte.

  5. Very very pretty with the opal top coat.

  6. That's a gorgeous shade of teal. And it looks even better with the opal top coat! I have yet to order from them. But all these swatches from you are tempting me!

  7. paris night is so pretty. Those quirius polishes look pretty darn neat! I do love it layered with that sc glitter so sparkly!

  8. I love that color!!

    Ok.. lets time the british postal services. The count starts from today! LEts see when it arrives!!!

  9. I love the subtle shimmer in full sun. Paris Night is certainly a unique shade. The glitter layer offers another beautiful option.

  10. Love this color. No wonder it's a favorite of your. Looks gorgeous on you. Also like it with the Opal layered on top. Sexy looking.

  11. Oh, I was wondering how this looked! It is SO pretty. So glad you swatched this! It's even better with the Sinful glitter over the top.

  12. BeautyJudy~back to school went well and now I have so much to catch up on! It's a nice color, a bit different on than in the bottle though.

    Nihrida~glad you like it! I should try a no buy...ha-ha, that would never last!

    Amabile~I debated using a matte top instead. I think it would look fantastic matted!

    Inbal~Quirius...curious :)I'll have to try it out matte, teal and matte would be beautiful.

    Nosaby~Sinful makes some great polishes for top coating :)

    Nail Fanatic~there are so many lesser known polish brands out there...I should go on a quest to find them all!

    Kae~they have some unique shades and the formula is great. I still have 5 I haven't tried from my July order :/

    Tali~it's a lovely shade! Postal systems are not functioning right! It'll show up soon :)

    Diana~I really thought it would show up a little more, but I still love it.

    Kitty~so many fun combinations!

    Lucy~if I were to pick my favorite color family, it would have to be teals. Glad you like it :)

    Nicole~it's different, but I like it. The top coat just adds a little something, although it's fine by itself.