Thursday, September 10, 2009

OPI Suede: You Don't Know Jacques!

Above & Below: OPI Suede in You Don't Know Jacques!, shown outdoors with no flash. The top picture is in full sun, the bottom one is in shade. The formula is a little on the thick side, but applies nicely in 2 coats.
Below: YDKJ-Suede with one coat of a clear top coat. The first picture is indoors with a flash, the others are outdoors with no flash.

Below: Bottle comparison of YDKJ's creme version and the suede version.
Ahh, some Fall color and texture after all of those glitters! YDKJ is close in color to it's creme version, but has silver shimmer added to it and a matte type finish. The combination of those elements gives it a look of texture, which I think is different and unique. It almost looks like it has some depth or dimension to it. As most of you know, the directions say that the finish on these polishes doesn't last as long as the finish on regular polishes. The directions also say not to use any hand lotion or top coat. I've had it on for a day now and I don't like following directions. I haven't noticed any problem in the finish, even though I've used hand lotion. As much as I love the 'suede' finish look, adding a top coat really brings this polish to life. It's much like applying a clear coat to a piece of wood, bringing out all of it's hidden beauty. The shimmer comes to life and I believe I see some copper shimmer mixed in with the silver, once a top coat is applied. The top coat also brought out a very slight lavender hue in certain lighting. If you want to go back to the original look, a coat of Essie's Matte About You will take you there.


  1. I want to order this whole collection. I love this on you looks really pretty. I love the finish on these. I don't own the original or the matte. I think I saw them swatched somewhere. I still haven't gotten my bank card. It's taking longer because of the holiday and I also ordered it at night. Phooey!

  2. I really like the way this looks with a clear coat on top. Very pretty.

  3. I agree with Lucy I want this collection too! Looks really good on you!

  4. It's a super great collex !
    Looks pretty with and also without a top coat ^^

  5. As you know, I'm not too keen on the matte craze, but this whole collection appeals to me. I love this color on you Mary! I'm not one to follow directions either. *lol* It doesn't appear to have taken anything away from the color at all! I think both of the YDKJ are really lovely.

  6. I really love the suedes, and I love how that lavendar hue comes out with the top coat!!! It looks very pretty on you Mary!

  7. Oh my gosh. That is GORGEOUS. I think I "need" it!! Beautiful! :)

  8. Lucy~you need your bank card...they're meant to be used...alot! The Suedes are very cool, I love how versatile they are.

    Clockwork~I guess I'd say I do prefer them with a top coat, but I do like the unique finish on them when they're 'suede'.

    Kitty~I like earth tones, so I love this one!

    Celine~I love it both ways. I can't wait to try out some of the other shades.

    Nicole~I think you'd really like these. I like them both ways, but the shades are all pretty and great for Fall.

    BeautyJudy~I love them too, I wasn't so keen on their matte collection, but these are very nice.

    Olivia~hi! Hope you're doing well and school isn't killing you :) And yes, you do 'need' it!