Thursday, September 17, 2009

OPI Suede Collection: Ink

Above & Below: OPI Ink Suede in it's original state above, and with a coat of clear top coat below. All photos are outdoors, no flash. Some are in full sun, others are in the shade.

OPI Ink from their recently released Suede Collection is a violet tinged shade of dark blue with very fine silver shimmer. I don't know if I own the original version of this (that could be a sign that I have too many polishes), so I can't tell you how it compares. I showed you You Don't Know Jacques last week, and I had no trouble with the formula and the application on that one. Ink gave me a few problems though, because the formula seemed thicker than YDKJ and I didn't feel like it gave me the smoothest of finishes. I used 2 coats in the pictures, which gave me decent coverage, although there are a few areas where it applied thicker than others. Naturally, I had to add a clear top coat to see how that looked, and it intensified the shimmer and turned the shade itself more of a violet blue. This is the second one I've tried from the Suedes and I do like them, even if the formula was too thick on this one. I appreciate that I can wear them matte or with a top coat, getting a completely different look either way. I especially like the fact that the finish gives it a look of texture, and a top coat adds to that texture by giving it a look of dimension.


  1. Gorgeous!I will have this when it will back to stock on transdesign!

  2. This collection is so beautiful, I'll order some soon I think ^^

  3. I just ordered this one online and I can't wait to get it. I have the original and this looks way better with a topcoat. It's more shimmery.

  4. This is just gorgeous on you! Now if you wore all denim your nails would look fabulous. You might look like you walked out of the 70's though! Maybe some patchwork denim. eew! I think my Mom had a pantsuit that had a patchwork denim look blouse. She looked pretty in it but that was the style at the time. I always think of that outfit when I see this polish! I'll have to come up with another memory for this polish that's more up to date.

  5. GORGEOUS! (I like it non matte the best) I love darker bluews so i would totally be able to pull this off on my toes!!

  6. the suede collection is really neat! I love how this polish looks on you :-)

  7. I love it! Thanks for showing, I want, I want!

  8. I love the original OPI Ink,but this version is gorgeous as well! It looks great on you!

  9. i love how it looks like... like it better with the top coat

  10. I really like the all the suedes with a topcoat!

  11. Katie~I think it's a great shade, one of my favorites from this set.

    Kellie~thank you!

    Celine~I think you *must* order some :)

    Nessa~I like it both ways but yes, the top coat really brings it to life.

    Nosaby~yes, yes you do!

    Lucy~ha-ha, I think it would be better to think of another image! Now I'll think of that every time I wear it, thanks alot :)

    Tali~it's a fun color both ways. I never thought about it as a pedi color, but it would look fantastic.

    Inbal~I love the finish on these, matte, but that little bit of shimmer really dresses it up. And of course the top coat really adds a lot.

    Kitty~you need at least one of these!

    Pinkginger~thank you :) This is a really pretty shade.

    Jhoannz~I guess if I had to choose, I'd choose it with a top coat, but I do like the original finish of it also.

    Kae~I still have 4 more to go, but I'm definitely loving these.