Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OPI Glow-Ink The Dark

Above & Below: OPI Glow-Ink The Dark is a beautiful shade of cornflower blue that applied very nicely, although it took 4 coats! I should say it finished nicely because I love the final look, in spite of having to use 4 coats.

Below: A bad quality photo of the 'glow'.
Glow-Ink The Dark is a relatively new offering from OPI for Halloween 2009. It can also be found in their 4 piece mini set called Tattoo Ta-Boo. I'm not exactly sure why I bought this, perhaps for the novelty of the glow in the dark idea. It's a very pretty shade of cornflower blue with very fine shimmer, which is actually the glow in the dark material, a phosphorescent pigment. It finishes with a semi-matte or eggshell loo, but a satiny finish is sometimes a nice change from the total mattes or glossies we've gotten used to. The formula dries quickly, but applies very thin, as this look took 4 coats. I imagine putting a clear coat over it would diminish the glow factor significantly, but because it's so thin, using a coat of it over another color would work fine for a bit of 'glow'. It would also work well using it as a Konad stamping polish, especially if they make a Halloween plate (which I'm not sure of). It does glow a nice greenish color, but I wasn't able to photograph it very well, unfortunately.


  1. i love how it looks on your nails- it's a bit pricey when i saw it on ebay (+15$) :(

  2. Great glow in the dark shot, I tried to do that once and it didn't work out nearly as well!

    I like this color, just wish the base color was more of a typical Halloween color. :)

  3. great colour and nails of course:)

  4. I didn't realize this came full size. I will have to buy a bottle! I love cornflower blue. The glow is a bonus. Konad does have a Halloween plate. Expect to be seeing the designs put to use later this week. ;)

  5. How pretty you look in this. Yours is the nicest picture I've seen of this polish. It's such a lovely color with a bonus of a glow! I have a whole bottle of China Glaze glow in the dark. I believe it came in a kit last year. I've never tried it alone, I think it's just white.

  6. Hey Mary!I'm totally into the glow in the dark polishes I have China Glaze Ghoolish Glow and it's one of these top coats which is fun wearing.But this is something else, I love the colour and the effect of those particles it has to glow! Do you know where I can find a bottle of this online?I can't seem to find it in any online store which ships internationally.

  7. I JUST ordered this today because of the lovely shimmers (and the fact that it glows in the dark!)

  8. Not able to photograph it well? It looks great to me - I tried and failed to get the glowing picture! :)

  9. Polished Museaholic~thank you, it turned out better than I thought it would :) That's a little high, I agree.

    Brooke~I won't even tell you how many pictures I took to get even that bad one! It is an unusual choice of color for Halloween.

    KONADomania~thank you. It has such a smooth finish and even though it was thin, it applied really well.

    Diana~looking forward to seeing your Halloween plate designs!

    Lucy~thank you for the compliment! I have some other glow in the dark colors in the pumpkin shaped bottles, but this one has the best glow, even though it doesn't last :)

    Katie~I love the finished look of this with the little particles! I'm not sure where to get it from that ships Intl. I'll do some checking and let you know if I find any place that does.

    Nail Fanatic~I didn't realize the little shimmers would show up as well as they do. It reminds me of the Suedes, only a bit shinier.

    Krisprimps~It looked good in the view finder, but then they kept coming out black no matter what settings I was using. I guess I should be thankful I got one that showed up at all!

  10. omg thats well cool !!!