Friday, September 11, 2009

Mac Jin Soon: Rich, Dark, Delicious

Above & Below: MAC Jin Soon in Rich, Dark, Delicious. Above photo is in full sunlight, below photo is in the shade, no flash. In the photo below, those are reflections on the finish, not the finish itself!
Below: I felt like it needed something, so I topped it with one coat of Revlon's Rio Cool.

Today I have some messy swatches that I did very quickly between weeding and trimming in the yard (that sounds like a good excuse!). RDD is a dark brown creme, described as a 'rich blackened brown'. I'm calling it a creme because the shimmer really doesn't show up on the nail. It's darker than a chocolate brown, with a hint of charcoal, more than black. The pictures show 2 coats and I can see a spot or two which make me think that it could have used a third coat. I wouldn't say that this shade is anything out of the ordinary, although I don't really see anything in my browns that look terribly close to it. I used an older Revlon shade (Rio Cool) as a top coat in the last pictures, and I think I like RDD a little better this way.


  1. I like this with the Revlon on it. Otherwise it just looks like others I've seen. I also have a few dark chocolate colors. I got my order from VNS yesterday. WOW! All those gorgeous glitters! I bought so much nail polish. Now I have to pay back my girlfriend for the use of her credit card! I got my free Vivid Top Voat and e Essie mini clear polishes. I forget what they were exactly. Also I got a free OPI wristlet with 2 free samples of moisturizers and 2 other samples of something else. Don't open things when your half asleep. You don't remember much. I'm very pleased with the service.

  2. looks even greater with revlon on it, like it a lot:)

  3. Oooh, I love the pairing of it with the Revlon color, it really makes this color unique, especially when to start with it is pretty but not unique. Worn either way, though, it looks great on you!

  4. i love browns,this looks great on it reminds me of my fave chocolate,and the added revlon colour just looks adorable

  5. This one is nicer than I expected. I am gaining an appreciation for simple cream polishes as under layers for glitter and Konad. I know it has shimmer in the bottle, but it certainly reads as a cream. This collection is definitely cool variations on classic shades with a couple greens to add some fashion interest. I thought Jin Soon would have been different as a whole, but I am liking it.

  6. I know what you mean about it needing something to spice it up a bit, and I think the Revlon did just the trick, it's gorgeous with the Revlon on top of it!

  7. That is so pretty and totally pumped up with the revlon on top! I love it that way :D

  8. Oo it looks pretty with the revlon on top. I didn't get this color simply cause I have too many browns! But it's nice on you!

  9. i like it better with the revlon on top....

  10. Lucy~ooh, you got lots of goodies! Can't wait to hear how you like everything!

    KonadOmania~I liked it better with a top coat also. Not too exciting, otherwise.

    BeautyJudy~I know, I was kind of disappointed with the lack of shimmer, but the top coat took care of that :)

    Skye~browns are always nice in my opinion, but I was just expecting a bit more from this one. Oh well.

    Diana~I'll have to give the others in this collection a try. I love MAC nail polish though, so I was happy to get them.

    Nicole~I like how it not only added some sparkle, but changed the color slightly. This Revlon is a good layering polish.

    Kae~me too! I like cremes, but this one just wasn't doing it for me :)

    Nail Fanatic~I got the whole set, although this one is the first I've tried and it didn't impress me too much! Hopefully the others will.

    Jhoannz~hello! I like it better that way too!