Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MAC Jin Soon: Dance All Night

Above & Below: MAC's Dance All Night is a high gloss shade of brick red. I love the jelly-like finish of this shade. I would have loved it even more if I could've gotten away with 3 coats instead of 2.

Above & Below: When I was taking the pictures for this post, I noticed that these plants have suddenly sprouted tentacles with tiny bursts of color. And look at this friendly little fellow who decided to build a web within them!
I'm skipping all around trying out the Essie Cuddle With Color, MAC Jin Soon and OPI Suede fall collections, and today I have on Dance All Night from MAC's Jin Soon collection. Dance All Night is described as a brick red creme. It's a warmer shade with a hint of brown to it and dries to a high gloss finish. I actually like this shade quite a bit, but it did require 3 coats to attain an opaque look. I was almost satisfied with 2, but there were a couple of spots that needed to be evened out. It's a nice color for Fall and the brown undertones give it the look of a classic red with a bit of a twist.


  1. gorgeous color. I didn't get this color because I didn't look that great in reds :(

  2. Beautiful shade of brick red on you. I tried to order MAC's Dry Martini from Macy's. It's sold out, the only one I wanted. I couldn't order it anyway because my credit card wouldn't work. I called the bank and it was blocked. If they couldn't get in touch with me it would stay blocked. Did they get in touch with me, no! I can try in an hour to use my card. Aggravation.

  3. Hi Mary, What a nice shade for fall weather. So glossy looking too. I can certainly appericate spiders in the garden. It's when they're in house....that I can't appericate em...lol!

  4. ooh that spider gives me the willies..

    man now I regret not buying this one! it looks so pretty aaaah. wonder if my macys is sold out yet.

  5. love the spider mary!! I have a love of spiders/photographing spiders! Weird, yes.

  6. Nail Fanatic~aw, I bet you look very nice with red on your nails!

    Lucy~I hope you're able to get some from this collection, because I know you wanted to!

    Velvet~thank you! Totally agree, the spiders in the house die, the ones outside are fine!

    Kae~it would look lovely on you. I hope you can still get it.

    Pinkginger~thank you :) I was very happy with it, other than the 3 coats. But I love the finish on it!

    Lacquer Laine~I saw your spider today on your blog! Very cool.