Saturday, September 19, 2009

Custom Color Club Japanese Glitter for Victoria Nail Supply

Above: A close up of the Japanese Glitter that Color Club is making for Victoria Nail Supply.
Above & Below: A look at how their custom shade transforms other polishes. Their polish is at the top left above and the bottom left below. The others are various shades of a creme or shimmer base polish with the VNS custom polish layered over it. My pictures don't come close to showing you how beautiful these look in real life.
Yen from Victoria Nail Supply sent me some swatches of a custom Japanese Glitter that Color Club is going to be making exclusively for them. It's only 1 shade, but as you can see, it's a versatile polish when layered also. Their glitter will be available for purchase on the VNS website in the near future, although I don't have a date at this point. The polish will likely be bottled using the same style as the recent Japanese Glitters, only she thinks theirs will have a silver cap. I don't know the name, or if it even has a name for that matter. We'll just call it Glitter-Y'en...or Yendless Glitter...or Yenchanted Pink...or better still, Yenabler Pink because Yen enables us way too much to continue our polish addiction!

Their custom glitter is a very pale shade of pink, loaded with multi-colored micro glitter. It's pretty and ladylike on it's own, but this is sheer enough that in my opinion, it's true calling is as a layering polish over just about any shade. I tried using Sakura Glow (the lightest of the 4 Color Club Japanese Glitters) over several base colors, but I wasn't able to achieve the same effect. I'll be looking forward to the release of this polish, because I think one of the things Forsythe/Color Club does best, is glitter.


  1. Hi Mary! I just now got done putting in an order with VNS. Darn I wish they would have had this new glitter set. They look very interesting! I went crazy at Head2Toe! I bought every new China Glaze glitter and some other stuff. Hooray my bank card works. I may need a new one since this one may go up in flames! The good thing is I can only spend what I have. I have a debit card, I'm not good with a regular credit card. I can't handle those. I can't wait till all my polishes come in. I also did my shopping for my Christmas Elfster person. I wish people would update and put in their addresses. I already emailed by no response! Help, please put in your addresses at Elfster. I can't email your gift to your computer.

  2. Oh wow, this one looks so great- too bad i don't have a credit card( or maybe for good so i don't be in debt to order all those really great and unique polishes you post)

  3. Oh wow, this really looks great! Color Club is getting better and better :)

  4. Yes, VNS certainly keeps my wallet empty! *sigh* But this is a pretty glitter, thanks for the heads up!

  5. Wow, love this! Thanks for the heads up...I love things that can be used in all different ways, and not all glitters look good when layering. This looks fantastic!!

  6. OH MY!
    Those swatches are incredible & you say they're even better than real life!!

  7. Lucy~you're going to have plenty of polishes to play with! I'm really looking forward to the Elfster exchange and Nicole has done a terrific job handling everything.

    Polished Museaholic~glad you like it!

    AllYouDesire~Color Clubs are very nice and I'm happy to see them gaining popularity :)

    BeautyJudy~they do a good job tempting us, don't they!

    Euridice~this one really layers nicely. Such different looks from just one layer.

    Berry T~they wowed me when I first saw them and I wish I could've captured their beauty for you :)

    Lyndsey~happy you like them! Thay're lovely, I agree.

    Glittermillie~isn't it pretty?!! I can't wait to get a bottle.