Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Color Club Japanese Glitter: Strawberry Candle & A Comparison

Above & Below: Color Club's Strawberry Candle on all nails in 2 coats, except pinkie finger is China Glaze Bad Kitty shown with 3 coats. Similar colors, but in my opinion, Color Club gave a better application and finished look.

Above & Below: All photos have China Glaze Bad Kitty on the pinkie to compare it to Color Club's Strawberry Candle, which is on all other fingers.

It's still cloudy and rainy, but I did manage to get some more photos, although they're not the best. Color Club's Strawberry Candle is a medium toned carnation pink and yes, filled with multi-colored glitter. I wanted to show you a comparison to China Glaze Bad Kitty, because they look so similar in the bottles. Color-wise and formula-wise, they are very much alike, however, I would have to say that Color Club's is the superior one. The impact of the color itself is stronger and more vivid, and the glitter disbursement is much more even with the Color Club. These photos show 2 coats of the Color Club and 3 coats of the China Glaze. I normally use a milky base coat, but I didn't use a base coat today. I got better coverage in 3 coats when I used Bad Kitty last week over a base. I would say the main difference in these besides the difference in coverage, is the way the glitter applies. They look to have the same amount of glitter in the bottles, but Color Club's glitter seems to adhere more when it's initially placed on the nail, giving you immediate even coverage. In defense of the China Glaze, I think this one would work better as a top coat over a darker shade because it is more sheer.
If you look at this post here, you'll see how similar these 2 shades are in the bottle comparison picture.


  1. Okay I think if I had to choose (and I really don't want to!) I would get the color club. I'm a quick and easy kinda girl!

  2. Oooh, that's gorgeous! I love it. I see what you mean about the glitter being more evenly distributed, and although the China Glaze is lovely, I think I like this slightly better!

  3. I also love the name strawberry candle. If I were to use the word 'strawberry' as an adjective the first noun I would think of wouldn't be 'candle'! It does make sense with how much this polish glows. I think summer had us spoiled with all that sun for photography. ;)

  4. Thank you so much for swatching these glitters at least 100 times! Please use some olive oil heated till comfortable and soak your fingers! You really need some extra moisturizing after all this. A friend who's sister owned a beauty shop for years told me to do that. My nails were dry and peeling and breaking. She said it was the best thing to do for you nails. Once a week soak for 5 minutes with warm olive oil. The heat really help the oil penetrate the cuticles. She cut hair and did manicures all day so she really knows what she's talking about.

  5. Kitty~if I had to choose, I would also get the CC. But they're both nice, just in different ways.

    Nicole~that's how I feel. They are different, but also somewhat similar, so if there's someone wanting one or the other, I just thought I'd point out the similarities/differences.

    Diana~it does kind of glow! I don't mind photographing outside even if it's below zero, as long as I have some sunshine :)

    Lucy~thanks for the tip, I'll have to give it a try. Olive Oil is good for so many things, isn't it?