Sunday, September 20, 2009

CND Colour Effects: Relay Red & Crimson Sparkle

Above & Below: CND Relay Red from the Colour & Effects line is a beautiful coral red creme the applied very nicely in 2 coats. The color is vibrant and the finish is smooth and glossy. Application was beyond perfection with their new formula.

Below: Relay Red with 2 coats of Effects in Crimson Sparkle. In the bottle, Crimson Sparkle is a milky white iridescent shade with golden pink glitter. On the nail it is a subtle show of tiny multi-colored sparkle that is primarily pink and gold, at least over this Colour shade.

Creative Nail Design recently launched the Colour Effects line which includes 50 Colours (cremes) and 15 Effects (Pearls, Shimmers and Sparkles). I have been a longtime fan of CND polishes, so I was thrilled when I learned that they were finally coming out with some new shades. Not only are the shades new, but the bottle shape is new and more ergonomic, the handle is new (rubberized), the brush is new (wider and flat) and the formula has been enhanced to alleviate any drying time issues that were sometimes quite bothersome. The formula is 3-Free now and according to CND, designed for using just 2 coats in the application. I had never had too many drying issues with CND in the past, although I know many others who have. I will tell you that their new formula is fantastic and everything formula-wise that CND has advertised about it...the ease of application with the newly designed brush, the opacity in 2's all true, at least with this first set that I've tried.

The Colours come in a wide range of shades and if you click here you can view them along side of the Effects, as well as "try on" the shades and combinations by using the link at the start of this post. I believe this line is replacing the original Creative Nail Design polishes because I've seen them priced ridiculously low at many beauty supply stores and if you click on the page I just linked above, under the Effects color chart there's a link that takes you to a page that says something like "If you loved these (followed by a list of old CND polishes and SKU #'s), You'll love these (followed by a list of the new Colours and Effects and SKU #'s). This saddens me because they had some fabulous shades, but I'll keep the faith that there are some more fabulous shades included in this initial launch and perhaps they'll continue to add to the Colour Effects palette.

I'll be trying out the combinations using the 3 Colours and 3 Effects that I have, but according to CND, this entire set of 65 pieces will allow you to come up with 800 different shade combinations. I haven't done the math on it, but I'll trust them on that fact. The Effects polishes are nice as well, although the idea of a layering polish to change the effect is certainly nothing new to most of us. If I'm understanding the literature I've read on the Effects, the Sparkles are the most amplified, but I personally think the look it gave me over Relay Red is more on the subtle side. I'll have to experiment some more with the Effects before I can pass a fair judgement on them. I'll likely pick up a couple more of the Effects and many more of the Colours, simply because I love CND and I love their new formula. These retail for $9.00 for the Colours and $11.00 for the Effects, but I bought mine from Head2Toe Beauty for half that price.


  1. Wow, the price went up! I hope to get some of the old CND's if I can find them! I cant wait to see some more creations that you and other bloggers come up with! I love this one.

  2. This red looks so nice on you Mary! Oh and I love the way you changed your blog :)

  3. Love the new blog design, it's stunning! I can't stop staring at it.
    That's a really pretty coral red, made even better by the top coat! It should be fun to play with all of these, mixing and matching!

  4. I love that shade on you. Very pretty polish. I have some CND but not many and there the old formula. I like the finish you can use on your nails. Pretty effect.

  5. I forgot to comment on your new look for your blog. Love it! It's very classy looking.

  6. love the new design, Mary! and again a very beautiful polish:)

  7. AdorePink~that must be the price for invention, I don't know :) But they are very nice, especially the Effects.

    AllYouDesire~I love this coral/red shade, one of my favorite polish shade choices of all time. Glad you like the blog look.

    Nicole~I'm having great fun playing with these! Happy you like the blog, I still have to do a few minor things to some of the pages, but I'm happy with it :)

    Lucy~thank you. I have quite a few of their old design too and love them. But I must admit, the formula on these is fantastic. Thanks for the blog design praise!

    KonadMania~thanks, glad you like the layout/design! I always grab red/corals when I see them, my favorites.