Thursday, September 24, 2009

China Glaze Glitters: Luna, Polar Ice, Nova, Shooting Stars

Above & Below: Index=Shooting Stars, Middle=Nova, Ring=Polar Ice, Pinkie=Luna. Photos taken outdoors with no flash, under cloudy skies.

Below: A close-up of the glitter shapes and colors. L-R: Shooting Stars, Nova, Polar Ice, Luna.
Below: Today's cast L-R: Shooting Stars, Nova, Polar Ice, Luna.
Below: Want to save yourself some time when removing these polishes? Read more about this product below.
Today I have 4 more of the China Glaze Glitters to show you, and I tried to group these into similar colors. These are all somewhat silver-toned, although Luna could be categorized as more of a silvery grey-blue shade. All of these were done using 3 coats and while I think Polar Ice is a little on the sheer side, I still love it. The formula and application went well on all of them and I'm happy that the glitter in these applies very evenly. I've tried many polishes with the larger glitter pieces that don't 'land' very evenly on the nail. On to the descriptions!

Shooting Stars, which is on my Index finger, is a lighter shade of silver that has both micro glitter and larger octagonal glitter. The micro glitter appears to be silver, but is somewhat holographic, giving it a multi colored look on the nail. The larger glitter is multi colored in pink, aqua and blue and also has light reflecting properties, causing it to change color at different angle. I swatched some on a piece of card stock and I think it actually has a clear base, but the amount of glitter gives it a silver look.

Nova, on my middle finger, also has 2 sizes of glitter. The smaller glitter, although not as small as the micro glitter in Shooting Stars, is a charcoal silvery color, so it's darker than Shooting Stars. The larger glitter is round and multi colored. It is not as large as the glitter in Shooting Star, but it is somewhat holographic also, giving it more of a rainbow effect.

Polar Ice, found on my ring finger in the photos, has more of a milky white base color, although still somewhat clear. The glitter is quite small, although not a micro glitter. This one has the rainbow effect also with regard to the glitter, and although it's more sheer than the others in this group, I think it's beautiful and would likely make a wonderful layering polish over a darker base color.

Luna, on my pinkie finger, is a silvery grey shade with both silver micro glitter and small multi colored holographic glitter. The base color is such a pretty shade, I'd love to have it by itself in a shimmer without the glitter. Once applied to the nail, Luna has a slight foil finish, which combined with the glitter, is truly a unique shade.

For those of you dreading the removal of these polishes, I urge you to stop by Walgreen's and pick up a jar of Studio 35 Salon Formula Polish Remover. The formula reminds me of Sally Beauty Secrets because the scent is pleasant and it is very gentle yet effective. These run $2.49 in the store and $2.19 on their web site. You can add more of your own remover to them as it gets used up. There is a sponge inside that fits the shape of the jar and it has 3 cuts in the sponge, allowing you to insert 3 fingers at a time. I leave my fingers immersed for less than a minute and when I pull them out, most of the polish is already off, so I just swipe a cotton ball over the remaining polish and it comes right off. This alleviates the continuous rubbing that is usually necessary to remove most glitter polishes. If you don't have a Walgreen's, check some of your other chain drugstores for a similar products. Your nails and the surrounding skin will thank you!


  1. Amazing glitters! Thanks for the tip for removal. That's the only thing that has made me hesitant to pick any of these up.

  2. WOW!!!! I still am drooling over your pics from yesterday's skittles, and now this! Fabulous! Thanks so much for all these wonderful swatches. I have Glacier and Nova and love both but don't necessarily want more silver or white glitters unless they are different, so this is so helpful. Do you have Glacier? I am loving Luna, that's one I was really dying to see!

    Do you know anything about Mahogany, listed on the VNS site as OOS?? It looks like it might be a brown glitter---my HG!!!!

  3. Thanks for the tip, hope I can get these too :)

  4. Stunning. I saw a CG glitter today but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it (was in a rush). They look amazing. I could picture wearing these for a party.


  5. Thanks for the tip! I've considered getting that product, but always figured it wouldn't be much better. I'll definitely try it now.

  6. You are a font of information Mary! Luna is going on my list.Thanks for posting :)

  7. Oooh, I had been debating about Luna! Now I have to have it. Great job showing them all together Mary! I bet that's so helpful for all of the swatching you need to do, plus it's such a nice comparison. :)

  8. oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh I'm DEAD

  9. gaah! these are such pretty glitters.

  10. Thanks Mary for swatching all of these. I have the same brand remover but mine is plastic inside with soft plastic bristles all around. This is even better for removing the glitter. I know they sell this at Target. I like the sponge also but over time it gets kinda torn up inside. The bristle jar remover is also refillable. I also pry out the center and wash it. I'm glad to see what all the glitters are looking like. I was a little disappointed in some of these. Now I'm not they look damn good.

  11. Mighty Lambchop~you're welcome! After I got my first couple of these I didn't want to use them much because of the removal, but this is a lifesaver!

    Euridice~I don't have Glacier. I have 4 more to try. Mahogony, but it should be up any day. It does look lovely!

    AllYouDesire~hopefully you'll be able to locate something similar!

    Eliza~they'd be perfect for a party :) They're so sparkly and pretty.

    Nosaby~it's a huge help. I've soaked my nails in just a finger bowl with remover, but that can be a mess!

    Pinkginger~ha-ha, thank you! Luna is really pretty, and I love the finish.

    Nicole~in a way, it is a good way to do it. I just feel like I'm being lazy by now doing full manicures!

    Brooke~these are your thing! It's unbelievable how many there are.

    Clockwork~isn't it crazy? I've never seen anything quite like these.

    Lucy~I've had one of those and yes, they are great too. I've been pretty pleased with these glitters. The formula on some is a little different, but workable.

  12. Hi!

    I'm a new follower, nice to meet you! Sorry, I'm commenting on an older post (ChG Glitters) and thank you so much for the product review. I have such a hard time getting glitter nail polish off and I really want to go get that tub now. Off to Walgreens tomorrow, thanks!

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  14. You did a great job with these pictures. Some of them look so similar in the bottle, but I knew there were subtle differences. Your pictures show them. Thank you:)