Friday, September 4, 2009

China Glaze Glitter: Ginger

Above & Below: Ginger has a bright shiny finish and when topped with a matte top coat (below), takes on a foil finish look.

Ginger hasn't received much coverage yet, perhaps because it's more of an earth tone, rather than the bright golds, turquoises and pinks that have proved to be so popular in this collection. This is a copper shade, and the base in this one appears to be a shimmer. All of the glitters shades in this collection are filled with a phenomenal amount of glitter, and this one is no exception. The glitter is multi-colored, multi-sized and multi-shaped. Ginger covered nicely in 2 coats and in my opinion, looks nice with a matte top coat also. The top coat gives it a foil finish and diminishes some of the color in the glitter, but it's still an interesting look. This shade is the perfect glittery polish to welcome in Autumn.
Sally Beauty has a coupon for $1.00 off of China Glaze polishes this month in their sale flyer if you're looking to acquire some of these for your collection. I received the flyer in an e-mail, but I believe you can access and print the coupon from their site, as well as pick up their flyers in the store.


  1. I like this one. I have yet to see any of the glitters at any of my local Sallys, but maybe that is a good thing LOL.

  2. I really like it matte :) Very nice.

  3. this is so pretty,a nice goldish bronzish colour and i love the added matte,it looks great of the glitter..

  4. That is a gorgeous glitter on you. I order it this morning. I got an email from victoriasnailsupply that the Japanese glitters we're in. I asked my girlfriend if I could borrow her credit card and she said yes. My bank card hasn't come yet. Anyway, I order all the glitters available and a load of other Color Clubs, China Glaze and Orly. I did a load of damage to her card. I do have the money to pay her. I'm so excited to get those glitters!

  5. Yay for glitters... but the matte topcoat makes it extra amazing :D

  6. I actually really like Ginger! I love Atlantis, too!! Ginger looks great matte, thanks for the swatchs!

  7. Ginger is a really pretty colour!It looks great mattified too.

  8. Ooh, it's a really pretty color! I quite like it matte too. I can't wait to see if my Sally's has the glitter collection in, I'll be going by this weekend and checking it out.

  9. These glitter polishes are so great ! That was such a great idea of China Glaze :-)

    I want to order from VNS some of the latest polishes you've shown here, when I'll be in the US, because that is my only chance to order from her, but I see some things are out of stock (CG and some color clubs) :-( do you know when would she gets these ?
    I really hope it would be soon, because I only have a week and a half....

  10. Colette~it probably is a good thing! They are nice polish shades (if you love glitter) and I'm sure they'll show up soon!

    AllYouDesire~I did too, I love the foil look the matte gives it.

    Sky~it's pretty, isn't it? I love coppers and this one is no exception.

    Lucy~I hope you get your card soon! You are going to be in glitter heaven when your polishes arrive :)

    rijaH~I especially liked it with a top coat also! Different look, but still nice.

    BeautyJudy~I wanted to matte all of these glitters before I removed them, but forgot to do it on most of them :/

    Pinkginger~thanks, happy you like it!

    Nicole~I'll be watching your blog because I imagine you'll be able to locate them this weekend!

    Tuli~the glitters are being released in batches and I think she is expecting more this month. The Color Clubs should all be in stock...let me know what you're looking for and I'll talk to her this weekend.

  11. I love this one, of course!I have tons of coppers but none with this kind of glitter. I will have to add this to my very long wish list!

  12. I love Ginger! I just ordered it from VNS. Thanks for making me feel better about the purchase since it is so beautiful. It looks awesome matte.

  13. Kitty~I thought of you when I saw it, because I know you too are a lover of coppers!

    Cupper82~I'm glad you like it! I was a little uncertain, until I put it on and I do like it very much :)


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