Sunday, September 6, 2009

Barielle Date Night & Northern Lights Gold

Above & Below: Barielle's Date Night...the perfect dark green shimmer.

Below: INM's Northern Lights hologram top coat in Gold applied over Date Night.

Date Night is probably my my favorite shade of Barielle polish, although with their recent release of the All Lacquered Up collection, it's having a hard time holding on to that title. Date Night is the perfect forest green shimmer, that covers nicely in 2 coats. The shimmer appears to be silver colored in the bottle, but once on the nails, it becomes a little indiscernible as a specific color of shimmer. It's very shiny, as I've found most Barielle's to be, and I did not use a top coat. That is, until I remembered that I recently bought a bottle of INM's Northern Lights hologram top coat in gold from Victoria Nail Supply. I used one coat of the Northern Lights in the photos shown. Although it is labeled as a hologram top coat, it doesn't have near the illumination effect of some holographic polishes. It is still a unique and beautiful addition to any base color, adding a beautiful and colorful light-reflecting finish.

Just a reminder that Barielle's Labor Day sale ends tonight...they're not only still offering the buy 2 polishes get one free, but you can also save 10% on orders over $60.00, 15% on orders over $75.00 and 20% on orders over $100.00. They offer free shipping on all orders over $50.00. If you don't have an account with them, when you set one up they'll send an instant e-mail to you for an additional 15% off. There is also a FREE10 code available for 10% off, as well as another 10% off if you download the 'Perfect Manicure Guide' found in the lower left corner of their site's main page. So you could place an order for $100.00 and save as much as 55%. They also offer many hand, foot and body care products in addition to their Shades collection of polishes.


  1. That's a gorgeous green! I love how the Northern Lights adds a subtle sparkle. So pretty!

  2. i love the green mary so pretty,and the added gold sparkle is just adorable

  3. Oh Mary! You make it sound soooo good! But I still have no money, I'm gonna go cry! Just kidding he he! Love this with the gold sparkles!

  4. I love this green, and the gold sparkle is just perfect! I see the Gold says "Out the Door" on it, is it a fast-dry topcoat like clear Out the Door is?

  5. This is SO gorgeous! I love it. I can see why it's your fave! I love the addition of the Northern Lights :)

  6. That is one gorgeous green. I have this at the top of my Barielle list with a star by it. I'm still waiting on my new bank card. Of course since it's a holiday I won't get it for awhile. Your nails look so pretty. That is such a shiny polish. I like that top coat. I'm waiting for my little order from VNS! I think I'll break the postal carriers back with my order. I just went crazy with my ordering. Enjoy you holiday sweets!

  7. I especially love it with the holo topcoat!

  8. That's a gorgeous green shimmer and I love Northern Lights over it! Thanks for all the tips on savings at the Barielle site!

  9. *squeals with delight* thanks for the heads up on the savings! just bought 21 polishes for $50! unfortunately, grape escape and swizzle stix were both sold out. but i made sure to buy this color!

  10. This is a great shade of green to my taste - not too dark, so you can still definitely see it's a green, and also not to bright. And I like it with the hologram topcoat :-)

  11. I love this, its so pretty! Where did you get that topcoat you used?

  12. Glittermillie~this is my favorite shade of green. I think I prefer it w/ the Northern Lights!

    Skye~thanks! I had the silver Northern Lights, but wanted to try out the gold one.

    KONADomania~glad you like it :)

    Kitty~it's going to still be available when you have money~ha-ha :)

    Valerie~I love Out the Door and wondered that also. It certainly does dry quickly, so I wonder if it has the same base?

    Nicole~I'm a sucker for greens, so you know I love it.

    Lucy~it's a must have if you get any Barielle's. My mail man, UPS man and FedEx man think I'm insane!

    Pinkginger~thank you :)

    Chrissy~how have you been? Happy you like the polishes.

    BeautyJudy~you're welcome. Anytime you need help spending money, I'm always here to assist :)

    Nirfreak03~glad to help! Those 2 shades are lovely and I know many people are disappointed that they've been out of stock :/

    Tuli~my thoughts exactly! Some greens are just too dark.

    Adorepink~I got mine from VNS, but I think Sally may carry the gold one also. I got my silver one at Sally.