Saturday, September 12, 2009

~10 Random Things~ and VNS Glitter Update List

I've been tagged for the 10 Random Things by several lovely ladies, and I thank you for thinking of me. Niki from MagicMaid pushed me over the edge with her request! I thought since I enjoy getting to know all of you better by reading yours, I'll share some things about me...although I don't think mine are as interesting or funny as many of yours! If you checked in to see the other part of my post, which is a list of the shades that will be available at Victoria Nail Supply from the China Glaze Glitters, Shimmers & Cremes collection this coming week, feel free to scroll past the 10 Random Things list!

~I love animals and have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I would have many more, but sometimes I do exercise a little bit of common sense (not when it comes to how much nail polish I have though) and realize that I am only capable of managing so much. I'm involved in German Shepherd dog rescue groups and all of my dogs are rescues. It pains me to see suffering in humans and animals alike, and through my rescue work I have seen both the best in humans and unfortunately, the worst.

~Speaking of animals, I have had several horses and used to show them when I was younger. I was helping a friend break a wild mustang that she got from a government program to relocate them from the wild and took a bad fall. I don't remember too much about it, but I ended up with a punctured lung, several broken ribs, and was in the critical care ward of the hospital for a couple of weeks. I only had one more horse after that and I forced myself to break him, rather than have my trainer do it, to get over the fear that I developed after my mishap. I still love horses and think they are beautiful creatures to watch both in the wild and in a show ring, but I no longer have the desire to ride very often.

~I went to a Catholic grade school and instead of celebrating Halloween, the school celebrated All Saints Day, which is the day after Halloween. I had to dress like the Virgin Mary...hmmm. And the stories you hear about nuns being mean are true! They used to make us place our hands around the edge of our desks and then they'd smack our knuckles with their pointer stick when we were bad. Not that I ever Mom's cousin was a nun but she was very nice, at least to us. My Dad's brother is a priest and teaches Chemistry at Rockhurst University in Kansas City. I love reading true life accounts about nuns, priests and the Catholic Church, although my own personal beliefs do not necessarily follow all of the Catholic doctrine.

~I am a huge Notre Dame football fan and even though I live in Michigan, I detest Michigan (U of M). They play each other today and I'm hoping for a win, but not necessarily expecting one. I live about 30 minutes from ND and always visit the campus when I go shopping in South Bend. There is such a rich history there and the architecture is beautiful. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart Church and the Grotto give me such a sense of peace and security.

~I have a not so secret crush on my 68 year old veterinarian and also on former Notre Dame football and baseball star, Jeff Samardzija, who is now a rookie for the Chicago Cubs. I have so much respect for my veterinarian and I love his knowledge base and mind as it relates not only to animals, but to people. I don't think Jeff Samardzija's mind has any place in my fantasy, but there are some physical attributes he has which may or may not have anything to do with my attraction to him! My husband is fully aware of this and doesn't seem to care...perhaps because he is more realistic about the fact that nothing would ever come out of it. But I can dream, can't I?

~I have a passion for mustard sandwiches, preferably on fresh, soft rye bread. Yes, just mustard. Every now and then I also add mayonnaise, but just a plain mustard sandwich suits me fine.

~Makeup, nail polish, fragrance...I love them all, and I think it goes back to my childhood and watching my Mom apply her trademark red lipstick every day. Although I've never worn red lipstick, it looked fabulous on her. Sadly, my Mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and passed away just 3 weeks later. I still have some of her lipsticks and her bottle of White Shoulders perfume tucked away.

~Childhood...every time I type a random fact, it seems to lead me into another related one! I had the most idyllic childhood that you can imagine. I thank my parents for this, my Mom for spending the time with us and using her creativity to give me such wonderful memories, and my Dad for working hard to support us and encouraging my Mom to do all of the things she did with us. I think every child deserves a happy childhood, but unfortunately, life doesn't always work that way.

~I am married to a wonderful man who in some ways, is the total opposite of myself. Nothing seems to bother him, he's a very hard worker, a man of few words, loyal to a fault, and never complains about my beauty product obsession (that may be his best trait!). We have a daughter who is severely mentally impaired and she is out greatest challenge, but also our greatest joy. Some people consider that a bad thing, and in some ways, it certainly is. But I've never been one to stay focused on the bad in a situation, because that makes it difficult to move forward. She has taught us so much about love, compassion and empathy for others than we ever would have learned in life without her.

~I'm having trouble coming up with #10...I've shared things about what I like, my family, food, makeup, about things I don't like? I don't like people with a sense of entitlement. I believe that most of the time, if you work hard for something you will attain it. I don't like to fly and only do it when absolutely necessary, which would explain why I've never been out of this country except driving to Canada. I don't like fruit or vegetables and force myself to eat them unless it's those 2 months out of the summer when I can buy them local and fresh. I detest mean people...people who are only looking to make themselves look better at the expense of someone else. This may be the reason that I prefer to spend my time with animals rather than people sometimes!
Nail Polish News! Here's part of an e-mail I received listing the additional shades that will become available next week from the China Glaze Glitters, Shimmers and Cremes collection at Victorial Nail Supply:

"We are expecting 29 more CG glitters next week. We just received Glacier, Gold Digger, Dreamsicle, Cloud Nine, and Luna. We are expecting Moulin Rouge, Stellar, Cleopatra, Blue Hawaiian, Sour Apple, Atlantis, Sunshine, Medallion, Nova, Shooting, Snow Globe, Bubbly, Polar Ice, Goddess, Silver Lining, Treasure, Rose Tea, Snow, Victorian, Gelato, Trophy Wife, Strawberry, Bridezilla, Flower Girl, Latte, Nude, Whisper, Seashell, and Cream Puff."


  1. My husband sounds a lot like you probably already know that I love animals too and you make me smiloe everytime you publish one of your pet's picture :-)

    I also tagged you for this award on my blog, but since I haven't "saw" you there lately, I guess you didn't read

  2. Mary, thank you so much for doing this! When I refreshed my dashboard this morning, this was one of the first posts to pop up- I came straight over to read yours! I have really enjoyed reading everyone's facts, and yours was most definitely not boring. I did a huge "aww" over the pets, I can only imagine the stories you must have to tell, both inspiring and tragic. I love seeing your pictures too.
    I have always wanted to learn to ride a horse, it's actually a life goal, but I haven't yet. I could only imagine what an accident like that could do to a person, and it's admirable that you made yourself go back after that to conquer your fear!
    Haha, I rather figured Catholic schools were "as described". I had a friend in school sent to one, he was so "bad" his parents thought it best. Turned out to be a wonderful guy. Maybe the discipline helped? I'm not sure.
    I've never been to Notre Dame, but just looking at the pictures are peaceful and inspiring, so I can imagine what it would be like to actually visit. I went to Elmira College, in upstate NY, for a year, and the whole reason I chose that college was because it gave me that sense. I loved my year there. I wish I could have afforded continuing my education there, but I couldn't. I visit whenever I go back to NY, it's still just as wonderful today.
    We are lucky in our husbands! Oh, my goodness. They do endure our beauty obsessions. I think we women have our "crushes", and I know my hubby has his too, but it doesn't phase either of us, really. ;)
    It always gives me a lift to see women with their red lipstick. I don't wear it either, I haven't found one yet that really suits me, but I'd like to. Red is such a bold color, but it seems back "then" every lady had her signature red, and it definitely gives me a sense of nostalgia to see that. I think it's incredibly lovely that you have her lipsticks and White Shoulders.
    I'm talking a book on your comments! Haha, I'll try to wrap it up. But your ten things really touched me - okay, hubby LOVES mustard sandwiches. Pretty neat! He also loves rye. I'll have to see if he likes them together. I'm with you on the vegetables, I only really truly enjoy them fresh, but I try to make myself eat more of them.
    Mary, I have even more admiration for you after reading this post. You're a lovely lady. Thank you for sharing these! Your positive attitude is an inspiration for me. ♥
    I am excited about more of the China Glaze glitters becoming available on VNS! Thanks so much for passing that on.

  3. thanks for the info from VNS! i should be getting my first order from them soon :)

    it was so fun learning about you! love you tons mary <33

  4. I enjoyed reading about your life. Sounds like you have a great one!

    29?! I can see I'm going to have to practice some major restraint.

  5. Mary you sound like an amazing person! I'm very happy I happened upon your blog and have made it a daily read. I share many of those dislikes with you - I hate flying (except I do it alot for work but I use antianxiety drugs to make it happen!...dislike mean people, dislike those with a sense of entitlement etc.. Seriously, you get one life! Approach it with the best attitude, enjoy what's in it, and live it to its fullest! When it kicks you down you get back up and break the horse to face your fear anyway. It's the perfect metaphor for life, Mary!
    I especially love the tidbit about your crushes. My boyfriend and I have our "lists," which are unattainable celebrity crushes but it's our fun little joke LOL
    Ok, I'll shut up now! LOL
    Ok, no...I won't ... 29 new ChG?! WOW. My bank card better slide and hide away from me!! lol

  6. that was a good post! and makes us know you better and you are awesome!

  7. Oh we Catholic girls and our grotto's! That is a lovely one. I found one last year and have to seriously remember where it was. I was having an upset kind of day and my girlfriend found it. We were with her Mother looking for something and got a bit lost. She turned around in the parking lot and there tucked away was the grotto. She stopped and said let's go visit. I needed it so badly. I can still envision it and the peace it gives you. I went to Catholic school up to 3rd grade. I've heard their much nicer but I think it's because their not allowed to use physical discipline any more! I was hit many a time and also chastised in front of the class. My second grade nun was evil incarnate. Who allows children to wet themselves rather than letting them go to the bathroom. Also hits them for having an accident. I hope there's a special nun hell for women like her. I always new your were a wonderful women and reading this I know for sure. I'm so glad you have a wonderful husband who supports all that you do. It's so important to find anyone no matter who to "get you". I watch the Animal Police sometimes and I can just imagine what you go thru. People really make me sick when they're cruel to animals. God bless you for your rescuing. I think it must be very rewarding. How do you have time to do this and take care of your family? I always wanted to work with children and was good with special needs children. I wish I had been smart and went to school for that. You both need extra blessings for raising a challenged child. Your a sweet woman and I know I'm not alone in knowing that. Have a wonderful Sunday sweetie.

  8. The pictures of your pets and flowers always remind me of Mom -- you inherited her green thumb and love of animals!
    XXXO from your sister Judy


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