Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zoya Reaches 5,000!!! It's the 'Truth'! NOTD: Zoya Drew

Above & Below: Zoya Drew, from the Truth collection is a dark carnation pink shimmer and applied very nicely in 2 coats. Above pictures are indoors with flash and below pictures are outdoors, no flash in very early morning sunlight.

Below: The Zoya Truth collection L-R: Drew, Anaka, Isla, Penny, Kalmia, Salma. These are all shimmers and the Dare set has 5 cremes and 1 shimmer. I'll show you the Dare set later in the month.
In celebration of Zoya reaching and surpassing their goal to acquire 5,000 followers on Twitter by midnight last night, I'll be sharing their 'Truth" collection with you over the next couple of days. In keeping with our theme this month of Organic & Natural Beauty, Zoya fits perfectly into that category. If you enter my August Contest, 3 Zoya products are included in the gift basket prizes. You'll have your choice of 3 products from their nail polish and/or lip gloss line. Art of Beauty, the company that manufacturers Zoya and QTICA products, was founded in 1986 by Zoya and Michael Reyzis, who are originally from Russia. With Zoya's background in the arts (she was a classical pianist) and her interest in cosmetology (having obtained her cosmetology license after arriving in the U.S.) and Michael's background as an advanced chemist, it was the perfect combination of beauty and science. They have used they talents well, introducing the first fast drying top coat and the longest wearing, toxin free natural nail polish to the industry. Their ability to manufacture a polish free of all toxic ingredients revolutionized the industry and many other brands have followed their lead in making a safer product for the consumer. As many of you know, they offer a wide range of beautiful polishes and introduce new collections throughout the year, adding to their already substantial palette of shades.

They will be offering a code later in the day for 3 free polishes in your choice of colors to thank everyone for helping them reach their '5,000 Followers' goal, so be sure to take advantage of this fantastic offer. You can go to their blog here and keep up with their news, follow them on Twitter, and find all of their current codes, offers and specials. I need to mention to them that a polish named Mary should be developed! Do they offer a polish in your name?

CONTEST UPDATE: Yesterday's winner of 4 Orly polishes from the Once Upon A Time Collection is: Lachelle! You can find her blog here. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and check my blog posts throughout the month because in addition to my August Contest, I'll be having several daily drawings via Twitter and my blog in recognition of my Natural & Organic Beauty month.


  1. I already ordered my 3 polishes, since technically I did not pay money for the polish, only shipping it doesn't count right?!

    I really like Drew a lot, pink and pretty!

    You should definitely tell them they need a Mary :)

  2. I can't get on the site! I have the code and was on once. I ordered the Ridge Filler. It's buy 2 get 1 free. It took forever to load. I wanted to look at the nail polish and it won't load it. Aggravation! That color is gorgeous. I might have to order it. If I can ever get on.

  3. Zoya! Now, I don't have any of them...*gasp*! Such a pretty color too.

  4. Drew is REALLY pretty! I had a hugely tough decision, I wanted to get a pink from Zoya, and I almost chose Anka from this collection but passed.
    Congratulations to Lachelle! I bet she's super excited.

  5. You had me at the description "carnation pink". I really love carnations! I don't wear much pink, but I am attracted to this one.

  6. Kae~that's perfectly within the rules of an official 'no buy'!

    Lucy~the site's running much better today, so hopefully you'll get through.

    Velvet~Zoya is a fantastic polish. Are you getting any?

    Nicole~their pinks are all beautiful. Lachelle is excited :)

    Diana~this one is kind of different, almost a 'dusty' carnation pink. Very pretty.

  7. Oh congrats to Lachelle! I love her blog and she deserves to win those and give her wallet a break! You go girl!!

  8. That's gorgeous - I haven't seen anything like that dusky pink before. Very nice!