Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zoya Anaka from the 'Truth' Collection

Above & Below: Anaka, shown outdoors with no flash in the above photos and indoors with flash below. Click photos to see shimmer detail.

Anaka is from the Truth collection and if you're interested in some of the other shades, I posted Drew and Salma yesterday, also from this collection. I'm working my way through this set of 6 and although I have some other fantastic product reviews and polishes to share with you that are starting to pile up, with the Zoya promotion of 3 free polishes (shipping is all you pay for) expiring at midnight tonight, I wanted to share as many of these as I can now. The promotional code is TW5000 and you can place your order at

I am very pleased with the way Anaka turned out, and as with most Zoya polishes, I was satisfied with the look that 2 coats gave me. This shade is a shimmery fuchsia or magenta, filled with multi-colored shimmer. The shimmer appears mostly as a reddish pink, but upon closer inspection, I see some blues, golds and silvery tones as well. The Truth collection contains 6 shades and they're all shimmers. I would probably have to pick shimmer as my favorite finish, so I love this set.


  1. That is so pretty on you Mary. I'm glad I ordered it as one of my free polishes. I haven't worn Zoya polishes in a while. They did appliy nicely.

  2. Very pretty color! Love the way it is so shimmery :)

  3. I love Zoya's formula, goes on like a charm. That pink is shimmery goodness! lol

  4. That is SO beautiful. And I have major "blue skies and gorgeous flowers" envy!

  5. I was so close to picking out this pink! I chose Kiki instead. This is really gorgeous with all that shimmer!

  6. I'd love some Zoya polishes, they always come out so well and seems to be just great polishes. Love pink so I really like this one. :)


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