Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sneak Peek: Color Club Japanese Glitters

Color Club is releasing 4 Japanese Glitter polishes within the next couple of weeks and they look stunning! I'm a big Color Club fan, so I'm really looking forward to these. I believe these were originally Japanese exclusives, but they're making their way to the U.S. and should be available at Victoria Nail Supply in September. I was poking around on the VNS site checking to see if the China Glaze Spell Bound set was available yet (it's not, but should be very soon), and I came across some Color Club products I thought looked interesting. One is the Art Club Nail Art sets by Color Club and the other is the Color Club Mini Polish Sets. I've been fiddling around with some nail art, but I haven't find any yet that have a fine enough brush, so maybe I'll try these. Has anyone used these? I just wondered what your thoughts were on them. The mini's would be a perfect stocking stuffer to add to the Secret Santa exchange that Nicole is planning on her blog. If you're not familiar with her idea, check it out here and let her know if you're interested.

I've had a productive weekend when it comes to acquiring more nail polish (now there's something I really need!). I ordered 8 polishes yesterday from Kim at Overall Beauty and added my 4 free ones, so I'm anxious to get those and try them out. BB Couture makes a terrific polish and I couldn't pass up her sale. I ordered the Man polish set of 6 and then chose Zuma Wave Runner, Cherry Baby, Diamond Dust and Eternity as my free polishes. If you're not a newsletter subscriber or missed out on her sale yesterday, you can still get a good deal today using the code 'Body & Soul' in your comments section. She's offering a buy 3 get one free with a limit of 3 free, but Body & Soul readers can mention my blog and get a limit of 4 free.

Barielle has the new All Lacquered Up 12 piece polish collection up, so I wanted to support one of my favorite bloggers and get those for my collection. They offer buy 2 get one free, plus if you sign up for their newsletter they'll e-mail you a 15% coupon code right away. You can stack that code with 'FREE10' as a code also, and end up with a total of 25% off in addition to the 'buy 2 get 1 free.' Free shipping is offered at $50.00 and they include free samples with every order. Click the ad in the right hand column if you're interested in checking them out.


  1. wow you did a good job shoppng for polish haha. I am so jealous. Those CC glitters look fantastic I am going to snatch those up for sure, thanks for sharing.

  2. Woo hoo, Color Club glitters, a brand I hae yet to use but I want !
    You picked up a lot of polish, you go. Cant wait to see it all

  3. I want them all! too bad we don't get Color Club here :( You always pick out really nice colours!

  4. Oh you know I love those glitters!! Especially the purple one... WANT!!
    I had a look at the minis as well and they are so cute! They should ship internationally :)

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    love lots,

  6. Those glitters look fab! Pity I won't be able to see the collection for ages, unless I order online :( Fancy teasing me like that Mary ;) but they look great!

  7. Oh, I was SO EXCITED when Yen told me about the CC glitters. I'm so going to just jump on them as soon as they come on!

  8. Kae~I like that there's only 4 so I won't be tempted to get more!

    Adorepink~um, yes, I picked up more polish than I need, that's for sure! Color Clubs are great polishes and very inexpensive.

    Pinkginger~ohh no! I get so excited and then I always forget that these can't be found everywhere :/

    Glittermillie~aren't they pretty?!! I'll check with her about International, I know she'd like to.

    Rhaindropz~I'll check it out, thanks!

    Danielle~I didn't mean to tease you, ha-ha! I have to order all of the 'good stuff' online too, I never see it in my small town.

    Flinty~I know, I almost die everytime she tells me about something else :)

  9. I definitely need those glitters. Such gorgeous colors. Thanks to you I was able to order the whole All Lacquered Up collection. Thanks for the direct link and the info about first timers getting 15% off. I did all that and made out good. I ordered 6 polishes from OverallBeauty! I ordered the men's collection too. I forget what I ordered for the free polishes. It was a terrific deal.

  10. Gosh, how gorgeous aren't these! Too bad I don't have money to buy one single polish right now!

  11. Do you know what the purplish glitter is called? I think I saw it in a store today!