Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Small VNS Haul, Including China Glaze Glitters

Above & Below: The 6 polishes that are currently available at VNS from China Glaze's new Glitter collection. L-R: Carnival Lights, Bad Kitty, Preppy Pink, Ginger, Cosmic, Meteor Shower.
I would recommend clicking on the picture because these are beautiful glitters.
Below: Just a few other things that I didn't need but I thought as long as I was paying for shipping, I should get a couple more things! Essie's Judith Ripka Collection, Essie Love, Beverly Hills, Ba-Boo Nail Hardener with Diamond Powder, and some little extras, Essie mini treatments and OPI toe separators.
First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for all of your entries in the Color Club & Barielle Giveaway. I'm going to need to hire someone to sort all of these entries~ha-ha! I'll pay you in nail polish, so send me your resume! If you missed the post, scroll down to the previous one and you can read more about the details.

I received a small haul from Victoria Nails tonight and it included the China Glaze Glitters that she has in stock. She's expecting the rest of them shortly, along with several other new collections by various companies. I haven't swatched them yet because it's raining and getting dark out, and I really want to see these in sunlight hopefully, but based on the weather forecast for the next couple of days, I may just have to settle for daylight pictures with no sun. VNS does have this entire collection posted on their site if you'd like to take a look at the shades, but only these 6 are available for purchase at the moment. Don't forget to mention Body & Soul if you place an order and you can have your choice of 3 pair of OPI Toe Separators or 1 bottle of Color Club's Milky White Base Coat.


  1. OMG I wanna see Meteor Shower swatched soo bad!

  2. Wow,those glitter's look amazing! I'm practically drooling over cosmic and meteor shower!!

  3. Ooooo! I can't wait to see swatches!

  4. Those look amazing! I saw them listed but was waiting to order the Color Club glitters also. I see they still aren't in yet. I hate waiting for them. Do you have any idea when they'll will be in? I believe they were the glitters from Japan. How were you able to get the Essie's? Don't you have to have a license to get them? I hope you don't. Can't wait for those glittery beauties to be swatched!

  5. Those are awesome! But alas, I'll have to get the somewhere else, as you gotta be a nail tech to sign up at VNS. :(

  6. OMG - I am *loving* the name "Bad Kitty"!!!

  7. Are these glitters from a new CG collection? I can't find any information about them online other than on the VNS site.

  8. Meteor shower! :o So beautiful. When will we see swatches? :)

  9. Cosmic& meteor shower look really astonishing, i wish they would sell such brands in regular stores where i live :(

  10. Hire me! I don't mind receiving nail polish as salary! LOL

  11. I neeeeeeeeed bad kitty!!!! That is so awesome! I need china glaze glitters now :)

  12. Phyrra~that's probably the next one I'll swatch if I ever see the sun again!

    GlitterMillie~the dark ones always catch our eye, dont they?

    BeautyJudy~ha-ha, me too!

    Lucy~she's still waiting on the CC glitters as of this morning, but she's in touch with CC, so hopefully very soon. I paid retail for the Essie's.

    KrystalBall~anyone can buy ChG at VNS, no license needed.

    Nivipa~I know, I love the name on that one also.

    Skgoh~yes they are. They are starting to hit Sally Beauty also, and I imagine there will be more information online soon.

    Nihrida~I'm just waiting for a little better lighting, it's so dark and gloomy here.

    Theresia~I always have to order online. Sally is the only store near me that carries them and their selection is not very good.

    Nina~you're hired! I'll prepare your office now :)

    Brooke~they are pretty awesome! I love the name Bad Kitty.

  13. I really hope head2toe will get these too!