Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quirius by Q.R.S. Coupon Code!

You all must've liked the QRS polishes as much as I did, because Jamie from Q.R.S.-Q-Nail just sent me a very nice e-mail thanking me for 'my care' of QRS...that's probably code for 'Crazy Lady that has more nail polish than she knows what to do with, but we're happy she ordered from us and loves our products!'. Here's what she had to say:
Hi Mary,
Thanks for your care of QRS. We are going to give $3 discount coupons to your blog readers for a month. The Voucher Code is 'BODY&SOUL'. I have the banner attached. Would you put up the banner on your blog? And the purchasers who bought our products via your blog link have been offered additional coupons. They are cumulative with previous coupons. In order to use the coupon, don't go direct to 'Check out' button, but click 'Cart' button first, then put in the voucher code, and click 'Add' button. Have a great weekend! :)
Best regards,
QRS Beauty Customer Service

If you're interested in placing an order, just follow her instructions, and on behalf of Jamie, I'm sure she thanks you for all of the new business. I am not affiliated with QRS, but I do love their products and as I've mentioned before, their customer service and shipping rates, combined with manufacturing a fantastic polish at a very reasonable price, make them an e-tailer that stands out along with a few select others. It is always my pleasure to share stores such as QRS with you and I am honored to have them recognize the fact that so many of you have ordered from them and also enjoy their products and outstanding customer service. I've placed the coupon over in the sidebar should you wish to use it in the future.


  1. You did an amazing job modeling htese for us, Mary! Now I know which ones to buy....

  2. Neat! That's like getting a free polish with them! Thank you Mary.
    LOL'ing at the crazy lady with too much nail polish!

  3. Awesome! I hope I get a chance to use this code!

  4. Thanks Mary! Your such a sweetheart. I'll have to check them out. I really need some nail polish, not! But I will take a look anyway.

  5. Deez~you're welcome, glad to help you out!

    Nicole~yes it is, or 20% off 5. I can justify my purchases if I get some kind of a discount on them~ha-ha!

    Lucy~you're welcome! You always need more polish :)

    Kitty~they're only $3.00 and a great polish, so check them out if you get a chance. My favorite (there are lots, but if I picked just 1) of theirs is Cresskill EVe.