Tuesday, August 18, 2009

QRS Russian Red & Sugar Plum Fairy

Above & Below: QRS Sugar Plum Fairy outdoors in various levels of sunlight, no flash shown in above pictures. Below picture is indoors with flash. I love the way this one changes depending on the lighting.
Below: QRS Russian Red, a red shimmer with a bit of gold shimmer. A pretty shade, but not anything special. You can always tell how much I like a polish by how many pictures I post of it!

I actually swatched 3 more QRS polishes this afternoon, but the 3rd one is going to need a post all by itself because it really surprised me...in a good way! The first one is Sugar Plum Fairy, which I think is a cute name and fitting for this shade. It's a demure pink-dusty rose shade with a bit of iridescence to it. If you click on the picture you'll see multi-colored shimmer and although not as evident in the photos, it has a little bit of a violet blue flash. This took 3 coats and if you look closely you can still see a slight visible nail line, but it dried quickly and it's a very pretty shade if you're looking for something feminine with a little twist to it.

The second shade, Russian Red, is a pretty enough medium red shimmer with a slight bit of gold shimmer also, but I didn't find it to be anything unusual. It is very close to Color Club's Velvet Rope and probably several others. It applied nicely in two coats, but there was nothing truly unique about it. Speaking of truly unique, my next QRS polish post later this evening may not be to everyone's liking, but I was totally taken with it. I will admit that as I was applying it, I had my doubts, but it won me over with it's multiple personality! Tune in later for that one, along with the name of the winner of the Orly 5 piece nail treatment set I posted about yesterday.


  1. oooh i must get sugarplum fairy, that's what my blog is called!!! :)

  2. Hi Mary, just noticed your shop! One cool idea, taking it to the next level! Very original!

  3. I really like Sugarplum fairy! It looks really nice on you :)

  4. Quirius makes some pretty shades, i love reds on you :)

  5. The second shade is just soo juicy looking!!!

  6. Love those bottles! They are gorgeous and more importantly I love the colours on you! Sugar Plum Fairy is divine!

  7. Both of those shades look really pretty on you. This brand has very pretty shades. You nail polish temptress you!

  8. Sugar and spice...this colors are so chic.

  9. Aisling~then I agree, it's a must for you! And it's a nice shade.

    Nora~hi! Thank you, I thought it might help some people out being able to get Massini polishes.

    Pinkginger~thanks, I really liked this shade, especially the way it flashes a bit of other color.

    Celine~they have a nice color range, yes. I should wear reds more often, when I do, I'm always reminded of how much I like them.

    Tali~well, I guess it is! It's a nice shade.

    Danielle~the bottles are kind of unique. So far, I've loved almost every color from them.

    Lucy~thank you! I rather like being a polish temptress :)

    Denny~thank you. The Russian Red is a nice, basic shade and the Sugar Plum Fairy is just a little more special because of the color changes it does. I like pink shades anyway.