Tuesday, August 25, 2009

QRS + NFU + Essie Matte About You = WOW!

Above & Below: QRS Deep Denim, outdoors with no flash. The picture below is reflecting the natural lighting strips in the patio roof and I thought it looked kind of interesting.
Below: Let the fun begin...NFU-Oh 40 over QRS Deep Denim.

Below: And yet more fun! Essie Matte About You is added to the experiment.

First things first...our winner in the Shikai Giveaway was Elaine from the fabulous Lacquer Laine blog! Check out her blog and congratulate her on winning. Thanks to everyone who entered.

I started out intending to show you QRS Deep Denim, and then things got carried away with my experimentation of various 'toppings' just to see what they would look like. Before I forget, I'd like to mention the Jamie from QRS informed me today that they are now set up to take International orders, so if you're planning an order, don't forget to use the $3.00 Body & Soul code over in the right hand column. Deep Denim looks to be a dark purple shimmer in the bottle, but the name suddenly made more sense to me once I applied 2 coats of this lovely shade. It is a bright but dark shimmer, somewhere between a navy and a royal blue. The first coat was thin, but a second coat finished the look nicely.

Nfu-Oh 40 was looking on as I was applying the Deep Denim, so I thought I'd let him join in the fun. Deep Denim is a very rich, very beautiful shade on it's own, but topped with this NFU, the party began. I only needed one coat for this play land of glowing glitter to emerge. Thinking I should tone them down a bit, I applied a coat of Essie's Matte About You and they quieted down. Still quite colorful, but the matte finish gives it a more subtle appearance. If you don't own a matte top coat, I highly suggest that you get one, because the possibilities are not only very entertaining (at least to me!), but they seem to be endless.


  1. ohh mary this is soo prettty i love it,i love how there is 3 different styles,very pretty

  2. THis looks really awesome!! What a great, inventive idea! You can really see the flakes so good with the matte topping.

  3. Wow the result is simply stunning! Deep denim and that nfu-oh seem to have been made to work together; lovely :)

  4. Grats to Elaine!

    I love the nfu oh flakies, and it is such a totally new look mattefied!

  5. That is a gorgeous denim color! Then you just had to blow my mind! The Nfu-Oh makes it look like jewels on your hands. Add the matte and another beautiful look. Hands with 10 jewels on them. Looks like a blue opal. I had just opened the door to get a package. It was my bottle of Essie Matte About You! Now I can play like you.

  6. Beautiful! The mattified version looks like lapis lazuli.I am so pleased that QRS can take international orders! I'll take advantage of that today!

  7. Oh my! This is soooo good!! I just love what the Nfu oh does with lacquers! Looks really lovely on you :)

  8. I love this look :-) planning on getting my own matte top soon...

  9. Aww, congrats to Elaine! That's an awesome package!
    Mary - so much goodness to look at here! WOW!! It's a gorgeous color all on it's own, I was quite surprised at the difference between the bottle color and what went on your nails - the name does fit the polish! When you added that Nfu Oh though, stunning! And it looks completely different with the matte top coat. Love all three very different looks!

  10. Congrats, Elaine!

    Mary, it was fun seeing the look metamorphose down the page. It has a "big blue marble" vibe. My friend Lisa and I are waiting for Essie Matte About You to be stocked at Douglas. It should be any day now and I will get to play too! :)

  11. Flakies are also pretties, but with this matte polish, the result is just amazing ! ♥

  12. Wow that looks stunning. I love Nfuoh's flakies<3

  13. best, most bad ass manicure I have ever seen.

    I am head over heels!

  14. Wow! That looks so amazing! I need to get my hsnds on a matte top coat!

  15. That must be the best Nfu-layering in the world. Stunning is just the pre-text of this manicure!! No 40 just went on my lemming list, together with Essies Matte top coat :-)

  16. great nails!
    And this matte effect looks interesting :)

  17. This is gorgeous! The Nfu Oh with the blue looks like you're wearing Earth on each of your fingers :) I just ordered my first Nfu Ohs, and they're all flakies. I can't wait to try them!!!

  18. Skye~I know! I couldn't stop putting different things over it because it kept getting better and better!

    Brooke~I'll warn you though, it may look good but I just took it off and those flakies were stubborn!

    Chocaddict~yes, I got lucky. They ended up looking so nice together.

    Kae~I didn't realize how great this would look. I'm going to have to use my NFU's more.

    Lucy~glad you like it! I'm so happy you got the matte top coat, you'll now have endless entertainment!

    Pinkginger~it does look like Lapis! Glad you can get some QRS polishes :)

    Crissy~thank you, it's very cool!

    AllYouDesire~it looked even better in real life, I was really taken with this look.

    Inbal~thank you! You will love having a matte top coat.

    Nicole~as much as I loved the last look, I also loved each of the other 2 looks as well.

    Diana~thanks! Glad you'll have a matte top coat, you'll work wonders with it, I'm sure :)

    Celine~the possibilities are endless! I wish I had more time to experiment with the flakies and the matte.

    Nail Fanatic~it is a very unique look! I haven't bought any new NFU's in a while, but I loved them when I got them, and I still do!

    Elaine~I couldn't agree more! This has got to be one of my favorites...ever!

    Kitty~a top coat is a must. Get one :)

    Konadomania~thank you, I love it too.

    PolishPig~both of those should be on your wish list, for sure :)

    Aralka~thank you. The matte is interesting, yes. Sometimes more so than others!

    BeautyJudy~welcome! You will adore your NFU's :)

  19. Oooo-er; I love the original, but the final result is amazing!

  20. That blue polish looks totally amazing with that flake polish!

  21. That is so cool when the matte come on it :D Really nice mani :))