Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NOTD: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Ocean View

Above & Below: Ocean View pictures taken outside, partly sunny skies. Greta is looking up wondering why I'm holding my hand up to the sky.
Below: Ocean View taken indoors, with a flash.

Ocean View is one of the newer Xtreme Wear shades and I believe this is the first time I've used anything from the XTreme Wear line. I was surprised to find that the brush and stem were both fairly flat and it actually made the application very precise and easy. These components aren't as wide as the ones found on the Insta-Dri polishes and the brush is cut straight across, rather than tapered. I'd have to say that I prefer this combination over the Insta-Dri brush and stem. Ocean View is a lovely shade of turquoise shimmer that applied nicely in 3 thin coats. 2 coats would have sufficed, but I went with 3, just to be sure. This shade appears to have a blackened base, which I love. I picked up several of these polishes back in June, and after the ease of application, I'm looking forward to trying the rest of them.


  1. Ooo I love this colour! Very, very pretty!
    Greta is gorgeous! I want to get an alsation one day... they're so cute!
    I tagged you on my blog by the way :)

  2. Oh, this is one of the ones I don't have, and keep eying! I guess I'll have to pick it up. Glad you swatched it. Greta's gorgeous! And I love her name. I want to give her all kinds of smooches. I can't help it. :)

  3. I don't have any of this kind either, soon, very soon ;p

    I love the color and finish on this shade, that picture of Greta is great, she's really looking up there!

  4. I'm loving the revamped Xtreme Wear polishes! This is a pretty blue, I got the lighter one, Blue My Mind

  5. Very very nice. All fresh and shimmery. Loving Greta too. Awww.

  6. Very pretty blue and I love the name!

    Of course, I'm loving the dog picture!! I better not let Dinky see that I'm checking out other dogs on the net....

  7. Greta is such a gorgeous dog. My dog stares at me and wonder why I'm taking pictures of my hand when I should be taking pictures of her.

    That's a pretty color too I'm tempted to go get it haha. Thanks for sharing!

  8. something else to add to my list,I love it!

  9. Very pretty on you Mary. I believe Greta thinks so also and is wondering why you aren't petting her! I have this polish and a bunch of the others of the new collection. I've never used these before. I've used Rockstar which is gorgeous and packed with glitter.

  10. Glittermillie~thank you! I was very happy with the color and the application. Greta thanks you also!

    Nicole~you need to add this to your list then! Greta sends kisses back. That was her name when we got it. I wanted to change it, Mike wanted to keep it. Guess who won? :)

    Kae~the application was great, it surprised me! Greta was really concerned about why I had my hand up to the sky!

    Alexlyndra~thank you! It's such a nice shade of turquoise, a little bit muted and not too bright.

    AllYouDesire~thanks! It would be a great pedicure shade too.

    Adorepink~I agree, the formula on these is fantastic and they have a great color range.

    Helen~thank you, it's a lovely shade. Greta says 'hello'!

    Brooke~I liked the name too! Dinky and Greta would likely be great pals if they ever met.

    Skye~ha-ha! It is a very nice shade and would look lovely on you :)

    Nail Fanatic~Greta thanks you. Her story is a sad one, I'll have to share it sometime. But she's happy now and that makes me happy.

    Pinkginger~how's your list coming? Mine keeps growing and growing :)

    Lucy~thank you! Greta gets lots and lots of attention and is quite spoiled! I have the Rockstar one too, that one caught my eye in the display right away.