Friday, August 7, 2009

NOTD: Quirius/QRS Orange Slush & Yesterday's Winner!

Above & Below: QRS Orange Slush is a very nice shade of glass-flecked orange. It seems to have a glow about it and reflects the sunlight beautifully.

Above & Below: The chosen prop, the Tiger Lily. It seemed to match very well to Orange Slush...the only problem being the black dots and protruding arms coming out of the center contain some type of reddish/black pollen the smears all over everything! I had to keep wiping my hands and the polish bottle between takes.

Below: QRS Orange Slush, indoors with flash.
Good morning! Yesterday's winner in the Natural & Organic & Beauty Month Daily Giveaway is Brooke! I assigned each entry a number from those who entered here and on Twitter and then had my daughter draw one lucky number...Brooke, '7' was definitely your lucky number! Brooke will receive one full-sized jar of The Savannah Bee Company Royal Jelly Body Butter. Thank you all for entering and stay tuned, because we'll be having many more Daily Drawing throughout the month in addition the the August Contest drawings. I'm having a lot of fun this month with the "Natural" theme, in addition to learning quite a bit more about it, as well as discovering some terrific new product lines. I hope you're enjoying it also!

Today's NOTD is another great polish from QRS. I was curious (Quirius?) about the ingredients used in this line because I couldn't find them listed on the bottle so I e-mailed the wonderful Jamie at Q-Nail and this is what she says:

"Our MSDS sheet tells us that the product name of our materials is 'TOULUENE & FORMALDEHYDE FREE NAIL LACQUER'. And there is no 'dibutyl phthalate'(DBP)".

That's always good information to know and although most nail polish doesn't fall into the Natural & Organic category, I'm always happy to know that many polish companies have taken the initiative to make their products a little safer for us and for the environment. On to the NOTD...Orange Slush is a glass-flecked polish that is indeed the color of an Orange Slush. It applied nicely in 3 coats, and although I could still see the visible nail line at two and I thought it looked fine, I opted to go with three. I believe this is one of those shades that looks fantastic on it's own, but would likely work very well as one of those 'transforming' polishes when used as a top coat over a darker base color. I'm still working my way through the QRS order I received a few weeks ago, so I hope you don't mind if I continue posting them in between other topics!


  1. Thanks so much Mary!! I am really excited to try this product out. I think my mom would really like it to, so I might have to share some with her, lol! Thanks again - you always have such wonderful giveaways :)

  2. I forgot to mention - that flower is just gorgous! I think it is a perfect match to the nail polish. And the name of the polish just makes me thristy - orange slush - yum!

  3. Beautiful color! The Tiger Lily is sooo beautiful. Perfect background for Orange Slush. No...I don't mind seeing all the QRS polishes. They look like such a nice brand of polish. Keep em!

  4. Grats Brooke!

    Mary your flowers are so awesome, what a perfect thing to pose with. Such a pretty orange polish too :)

  5. That is such a beautiful prop! Like Brooke said, the name of that polish makes me thirsty!

  6. I love the beautiful flowers, gorgeous prop, that color just pops.

  7. Congrats Brooke! Very nice.
    Mary that flower is amazing - Tiger Lilies have always been one of my very favorite flowers, they are so bold and gorgeous. So is that polish, I love the glass-fleck sparkle in it! Looks great on you!

  8. Beautiful nails,beautiful Tigerlily :)

  9. Congrats to Brooke! Love the Tiger Lily. When I lived at home there were loads of them planted under my bedroom window. I've always loved them. Thanks for posing with them. I always enjoy your flower pictures. Love that polish. So pretty on you. It's so nice and bright orange. Just perfect for a hot summer's day.

  10. congrats Brooke! :-)

    I enjoy your photos so much, it seems like you got a matching color flower to every polish you swatch :-)

  11. Yay Brooke! Nice one.

    Mary, that tiger lily is jawdroppingly beautiful. I really want to visit your garden one day!

  12. Hi Marry! Love the orange polish and the flower are beautiful..
    Thanks for reading my blog too! :)


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