Monday, August 3, 2009

NOTD: Orly Satin Royalty and a Look at Orly Beauty

Today's Nail of the Day is one of Orly's Satin polishes, a calming shade of purple. This line is no longer produced by Orly and even though the label on the handle lid shows 'Matte Finish', these have a satin finish. The bottle shows a title of 'Satin Hues' and that is a more accurate description of the finish. They have a bit of gloss, but it's a more toned-down shine. This shade is a shimmer with flecks of various colors and is also somewhat iridescent. For those of you matte lovers, Orly is coming out with a 3 piece matte collection next month entitled Matte Couture. It includes a blue (Suede Shoes), a black (Vinyl) and a purple (Purple Velvet), all in cremes. While I've always loved Orly products, both their polishes and their treatments, I've often thought that the majority of their shades were on the conservative side. I'm thrilled that over the last year or two, they have come out with some very stylish, even edgy colors or polishes and collections. This Spring and Summer brought us some unique shades that are right at the top of the current trends. Their recent debut of the Once Upon A Time collection has been a hit with polish lovers due not only to the colors themselves, but because of the theme and polish names. I'm excited about their matte collection and I was impressed by their upcoming Femme Fatale Holiday Collection that I showed you last week. I'm looking forward to seeing what else they have in store for us.

Orly is one of the polish companies that I'm including this month as an innovator of safe products, when discussing natural and organic beauty. Founded in 1975 by Jeff Pink, their products are completely free of DBF and all traces of Toluene and Formaldehyde. Their offices and factory, both based is Los Angeles, CA, are praised for being eco-friendly, using recycled material whenever possible. If you'd like to have a look at some of Orly's products, you can see a wide range of them here and also get a look at the various pricing. I finally got around to adding labels to my posts and if you scroll down a way on the right hand side, you'll see I've done a number of posts involving Orly products, if you'd like to read about and view some of them.

I'd like to say thank you to Orly for coming out with some fabulous shades for us to enjoy, as well as for producing a product that is safer not only for us, but for our environment. In honor of them, if you'd like to receive 4 of the new polishes from the Once Upon A Time Collection (Prince Charming, Poison Apple, Pixie Dust and Happily Ever After), leave me a comment below with your e-mail stating that you'd like to have them. I'll cross-post on Twitter for those following me that way and announce the winner tomorrow morning, randomly drawing from the names I've received at that time.


  1. That's a gorgeous purple. Really does remind me of satin sheets. Not that I've ever actually seen satin sheets except on TV.

    Sure, I'd like to win the Orly's.

  2. I love your blog -- perfect mix of pictures and text. I'd love to win the Orlys -- I've never tried their brand, and have been feeling guilty (just a little) over the environmental thing!


  3. I have an old white satin hues one, but I like your purple wayyyyyy!!! better, very pretty! I would love to get my hands on that new collection!

  4. Very nice,subtle polish. I like Orly polishes a lot. They're always so smooth and usual easy to apply. By the way. I did peek in on the week end,and saw all the swatches for Color Clubs fall collection. They all look so fab!

  5. i've wondered what the difference between the satin and regular polishes are, very pretty and a beautiful shade

    abbylandd @

  6. Pretty! I haven't used Orly in years! I was a big fan of their mattes,but this finish is also really great!

  7. Nosaby~Sadly, I've not seen satin sheets either, but I agree with you!

    Myrna~thank you, I'm glad you like the blog. I feel guilty too sometimes and try to be environmentally aware, but I still like the chemicals!

    Kitty~these old Orly's are kind of sheer, but they are very pretty. The new shades they're coming out with are excellent!

    Velvet~I love Orly's application, very nice. And the Color Clubs...beautiful!

    Abbyland~not a huge amount of difference, just a more subtle shine in the finish.

    Pinkginger~Orly has a lot of nice shades, especially their newer ones.

  8. Oh Well, I'm too late for the contest! I was playing a game all day and couldn't stop. I even stayed up all night. I haven't been to bed either. I finally did stop playing because of the Zoya Twitter code. I love Orly polishes. I don't have many. That satin is reeally a pretty color. I like that one. I guess it isn't available anymore?

  9. THis is one that I have, you might remember I posted about it, but my bottle was different than yours. How strange, as I can't imagine that they just produced that line for a long time, time enough to put them in different bottles. hmmmm

  10. Oh Mary that one is so beautiful. Like a denser Huckle Buckle I think?