Sunday, August 9, 2009

Misa Forbidden Lust with Kleancolor Milky Way

Misa Forbidden Lust is a beautiful purple shimmer with predominantly red shimmery sparkles. I was going to use Kleancolor's Milky Way by itself, but it has a clearish base with a slight peach tinge to it, and I don't think it would do too well on it's own. I applied 2 coats of it over 2 coats of the Misa and I ended up with a much richer Milky Way than I would have otherwise. The little foil moons are holographic, although I couldn't capture that in the photos. They are shiny silver, but in different lighting and at various angles, they become little rainbows of light-catching slivers. The finish is very smooth, which surprised me, because I thought the moons might cause a bit of a problem. The only issue I had was trying to fish the moons out of the bottle with the brush, but I managed without too much of a problem. It's a rather different look, but I've always been entranced by the moon and stars, so I rather like it!
My pictures were taken quickly so I apologize for the quality. It's still early yet and it's already in the mid-eighties and extremely humid. It was also very windy and with the high supposed to top out around 95 degrees, I just wanted to get back into the air conditioning!


  1. That's a gorgeous colour. I like your decoration too!

    Am a teeny bit envious of your heat - once again it's rubbish here. What summer?

  2. I love the mini stars and moons!!

  3. this combination of warm purple with stars and moon is gorgeous! love it!

  4. How lovely. I don't have any of Misa'a fall collection of last year,yikes! Pretty moons and stars too. We're under the heat wave! I haven't been outside much this week-end. Yucky feeling out there!

  5. Oh goodness, it's roasting here too, I thought I was going to die just going from the car to the house! It's ridiculously hot.
    Wow. That purple is a stunner, I'm going to have to have that one! And I love the moons and stars, that is such a cute top layer. Pretty neat that it dries smooth!

  6. Very nice! I completely understand about the heat(and the humidity-ugh!) I love the sparkles and I may have to add that purple to my list :)

  7. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 103 degrees F here! Eeek!

    I love every color in last fall's Misa collection. I think I still have a couple untrieds I picked up during the sale event in January. I am reminded to revisit them by your beautiful photos. I really am charmed by the little Moons in the Kleancolor topcoat.

  8. Oh wow! I love the mini moons! I've also always loved the night sky. Looks great.

  9. Wow I love the Kleancolor milky way on forbidden lust. Makes it look so dreamy. haha I have forbidden lust but believe it or not I have never tried it....Because I always have so many new polishes to try, I forget the old ones..

  10. That is a lovely shade of purple on you. I always am drawn to things with moon and stars on them. I love that top coat. Very pretty. I can't wait till the Fall! Supposed to be in the 100's here tommorow. I amnot going outside. Thank God for air conditioning. I wouldn't even move anywhere without central air. I don't like to sweat and don't like to touch or be touched be sweaty people. I guess I'm just weird that way!

  11. Helen~thank you :) We've had a strange summer, quite cool, no rain, and now massive humidity. Ugh.

    Tali~I do too, anything Celestial makes me happy.

    Inbal~I debated on what color to use as the was between this and a dark blue.

    Velvet~I think I ordered that whole collection last year! It's hot as can be and humid again today :/

    Nicole~it sounds like lots of us are suffering through a heat wave! I really thought the tips of the moon would stick up, but they didn't.

    Pinkginger~I don't usually mind heat, but my hair and I hate humidity! I love this purple and I love Misa polishes.

    Diana~103 is hot, so I should quit complaining! Misa'a are lovely, although I'm sure I still have untrieds from them too :)

    Valerie~thanks, glad you like it! I thought it was kind of different!

    Nail Fanatic~these untried's are getting out of control :)

    Lucy~I'm looking forward to Fall too, the clothes, the shades of nail polish...some cooler weather!

  12. How cool! There are little moons in this glitter!

  13. Forbidden Lust is a polish in it's own category, amazing! I love it!