Saturday, August 15, 2009

Misa Fall '09: That's My Little Secret

There are 6 polishes in Misa's new Fall collection and they are all cremes. The name of the collection is I'm Only Human and some of the names are rather suggestive to say the least, as is the poster style ad that goes along with this campaign. However, I didn't buy them for the names, and I really didn't buy them because I thought it was an outstanding color palette, because it's really nothing special. I bought them because they're Misa's and I love their formula. I was secretly hoping that in real life there would be some outstanding shades like what they gave us in the Living on the Fast Lane collection, but sadly, it was not the case. Not that I don't like these shades, because they're all very nice going into Fall, and many of them are what I would consider a year 'round shade. I'm satisfied with the shades, they're just not anything new and exciting.

The first color I chose is That's My Little Secret, a berry creme that dries to a very high gloss. I used 2 coats but the nail was almost perfect with just one. The formula is typical Misa: on the thick side. Not so much that it caused my any problems though, and I don't have any complaints about the drying time. This shade appears more red indoors, and a deeper red with pink tones, hence the berry description, when photographed outdoors. The application was very easy and that's why I adore Misa's, even though this collection was lacking when it came to creativity. It almost pains me to say that, but it will give me hope that they're busy creating something really special for their next release.


  1. I don't own any Misa's I should try some soon. I like this color it is very bright and cheerful.

  2. I think the whole collection is very pretty. But I'm not going to buy any, I think! I think they're all shades we've seen before. They're very shiny and I do like Misa's polishes. Looks lovely on you.

  3. The Misa factory is about 15 minutes from my door. I feel a sense of local pride for the wonderful formula being created right in town. The color is classic, not earth shattering, but it does the job. While pretty on their on, the shades would do well as bases for glitter top coats.

  4. 0oo0o0 gorjuz mary,ur nails are looking fab..i havent tryed any misa

  5. I like the high gloss finish. Haven't ever tried Misa, but I might just have to.. (I love glossy finishes!!)

  6. Sadly, I have to agree with you on the less-than-stellar "wow" factor on this collection. But that berry does look very nice on you =)

  7. Kae~Misa polishes are very nice quality and they have some unique shades. Reasonably priced, also.

    Lucy~I agree, pretty, but nothing unique.

    Diana~that's great that you live so close! Do you ever go over there and visit :) I'll have to try some glitter t/c on to dress them up.

    Skye~you'll have to see if you can get a hold of some, they're very nice!

    Delaynee~if I recall, they all have a high shine to them! They have a great color selection.

    Nivipa~thanks, it is pretty, but yes, no 'wow' factor, sadly.