Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Last of Barielle/ALU: Pin Up & Glammed Out Garnet

Above & Below: Pin Up outdoors, no flash. I was playing peek-a-boo with the sun again and was unable to capture a picture quick enough to show this polish color in full sun.

Below: Pin Up, indoors with a flash.

Below: Glammed Out Garnet shown indoors, with flash.

Below: Glammed Out Garnet shown outdoors, no flash.

The final two shades I have for you are both reds, one a shimmer, one a very fine glitter, and both beautiful. Pin Up is defined by Barielle as a tomato red shimmer and that is accurate. The shimmer is gold and appears as a delicate veil over the color once applied on the nail. In natural lighting, full sunlight or with a flash, it remains a true tomato red. It reminded me of Color Club's Velvet Rope or QRS's Russian Red not so much for an exact shade match (because it's not), but because of the way the gold shimmer looks in both the bottle and on the nail. Not anything terribly unique, but a pretty shade regardless. I've always loved tomato red polishes that retain their color in any lighting, so I'm pleased with this one for that reason.

Glammed Out Garnet is a fancier red, a deep rich garnet hue sprinkled with matching shimmer. The shimmer is red, although it shows up somewhat gold in certain photos. It is officially described as "ruby on ruby sparkle", and sparkle it does. The glitter is tiny, but abundant in this shade and is evident indoors in almost any lighting. I would say that the shade itself is a very deep blood red shade in natural indoor lighting, and almost a dark cherry or dark ruby red outdoors. Naturally, the shimmer comes to life in the sun. I think the name is very fitting, because it is indeed a glamorous shade.

My closing thoughts on this collection (scroll down over the last couple of days if you missed any of the posts, and you'll find the entire collection swatched) are that it's an exceptional range of shades and finishes. The application was near perfect on every one of them (2 coats), the drying time average, the degree of glossiness in the finish was very high, and the majority of these polishes were really quite unique in shade and or finish. It's a large collection (12 shades), and very seldom do I find a collection this big with this many 'winners' in it. A final reminder to scroll through my previous posts, as these polishes are not only buy 2 get 1 free, but there are codes in the posts that allow you to get an additional 35% off. Barielle also offers free shipping at $50.00. I hope you enjoyed these, because I certainly enjoyed using each and every one of them!


  1. Those are both awesome, but being a glitter lover glammed out really catches my eye. I always say this but I just love your flowers too, they make me happy!

  2. These are some great reds. I'm beginning to love reds. I can't wait to try them all out!

  3. These are so beautiful! Glammed Out Garnet looks beautiful for Fall/Winter!

  4. I'm not much into reds, but these sure are beautiful. Is Glammed Out Garnet a bit like CG's Ruby Pumps, only smaller glitter?

  5. thanks Mary for the wonderful and detailed reveiw of this collection. I agree that most of the shades are "winners" :-) and these reds are great too!

  6. Both of those are just beautiful! I think they turned out awesome! I love really pretty reds ;)

  7. All in all I think this is a fantastic collection. There is just enough "edge" even to the safer colours to make them interesting and out of the ordinary. I have been an ALU fan for a long time, this collection only prooves what a great nail blogger she is.

    Thanks for showing us such good swatches of all the polishes!

  8. Glammed Out Garnet is beautiful. It reminds me of my mum and something she would wear :)

  9. These also look beautiful on you. Tomato red and garnet are just classic colors. I'm really thrilled with this collection. I have to change my polish today. I broke a nail and it was my longest one. Boo hoo!

  10. I really liked Glammed Out Garnet! I have a weakness for red glittery polishes. ;P

  11. Kae~both pretty shades of red, I agree! I'm glad my flowers make you happy, that's why we have them :)

    Nail Fanatic~I love reds too, and I should use my red more often.

    Valerie~agree! Glammed Out Garnet would be beautiful around the Holidays.

    Amabile~GoG is similar to Ruby Pumps. Milani also makes a similar one, but I can't recall the name of it.

    Inbal~you are very welcome! It is a lovely collection and I was happy to share it.

    Brooke~thank you :) I loved both of them and need to pay more attention to my reds.

    PolishPig~it is an incredible collection. I love ALU also and yes, she has a good eye for things, I agree.

    Konadomania~glad you like them!

    Helen~beautiful shades, I toally agree.

    Lucy~best wishes for your nail to recover! I'm glad you got some of these polishes too!

    Alexlyndra~it is extremely glittery, especially outside. And such a nice shade of red too, I love it.