Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kleancolor Purple Velvet & Starry Purple (glitter!)

Above & Below: Kleancolor Purple Velvet (4 coats!). The picture below was taken indoors with flash, while the others are all outdoors, no flash, in various lighting. It appears more purple in brighter lighting and violet-blue in lower lighting.

Above & Below: Kleancolor Starry Purple over Kleancolor Purple Velvet. The pictures above are indoors with a flash, while the pictures below are outdoors, various lighting, and no flash. The glitter looks purple in less light and more silver in brighter lighting.

Below: Kleancolor Calcium base coat and Look Wet top coat.
Kleancolor Purple Velvet is a very sheer (4 coats in pictures) grape colored purple shimmer with tiny red and purple flecks of shimmer. It applied nicely, but with 4 coats it obviously to a while to dry. I love the finished color, but I was surprised to find it as sheer as it was. Pretty as it was, I wanted to see what their Starry Purple looked like, so I applied that one as a top coat. Starry Purple would probably look satisfactory on it's own, but don't let the density of the glitter fool you. This actually has a clear base, so I think it would take multiple coats to show it's true glitter potential. Starry Purple has a mixture of small glitter pieces along with large hexagonal pieces that are both purple. I was fascinated with the look of this, but I'll warn you, it wasn't done in one easy coat. You'd think that the brush would pick up a substantial amount of glitter, because this is a polish that is packed with glitter and it is evenly suspended in the clear base. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. This took me several attempts to dip the brush and get enough on it to be noticeable on the nail. I think I ended up using about 3 coats and I had to 'place' the glitter over certain areas that didn't have enough coverage. So if you have a little extra time, this is a very eye-catching and fun look.

I also used their Calcium Strengthening Base Coat and their Look Wet Top Coat, because I wanted to check those out. The base coat applied fine, but until I use it for a week or so, I can't really comment on it's abilities. The top coat is very shiny and dried quickly, which I can't say about the polishes, simply because I needed so many coats. Kleancolor has some very unique colors available, and I still have a few more to share with you from my order last month. They are only $1.49, so that alone makes them worthwhile! I've been pleased with them all so far, and of the ones I've tried, these two are the only ones who have caused any problems, simply due to the amount of coats I needed to achieve a look that I was satisfied with. Their products are also Big-3-Free, which I'm happy to report.


  1. ooh super pretty with the glitter! this brand looks like a winner :)

  2. Love that glitter. Thanks for the addition of the lovely flowers. What are they? Can you even lift your fingers with all those coats of polish on them? It's a lovely purple and I love the glitter. I'll be skipping that. Too many layers.

  3. The glitter is like cuttings of shiny foil paper. I was surprised how large the pieces were, yet they still seemed to rest on the nail. I could do a funky French with that.

    Purple Velvet is beautiful with your morning glories!

  4. Kellie~thanks! It's a great polish for the price, and they're got some fun shades.

    Nessa~I loved the purple, just wish it wasn't so sheer!

    Lucy~yes, too many coat, for sure. Those are just Morning Glories. This is my first year having them and they're very easy to care for.

    Pinkginger~thanks so much, glad you like it!

    Diana~they are big! They were really smooth on the nail, I was surprised. I'd love to see your French, that would look fantastic!

  5. wowser!! that looks so awesome and glittery!! :)

  6. Brooke~this is right up your alley *bows down to the queen of glitter*!