Friday, August 14, 2009

Just A Couple of Things...

(I put a 'NO' symbol through the other things on my table that weren't part of this order! My table is overloaded with things I'm working on and I was too lazy to clear them off.)

I had to post a picture because what fun is a blog post without a picture! This is my most recent haul from Transdesign, and with all of these 'Natural & Organic Beauty' posts I've been doing this month, I haven't been able to post as many polish pictures as I'd like. So I think I'll spend the weekend making up for that and it'll be All Polish All Weekend on my blog! I was able to find the Wet n Wild Crazes this week, and I also risked my life going into a beauty supply store in the absolute worst part of town, but it's the whole 'thrill of the hunt' thing, so whatever the risk, I'll take it! I'd like to thank you all for the comments and e-mails I've been getting regarding the Natural & Organic focus this month. It's been a lot of fun for me and I appreciate your feedback. We've had some fun giveaways in addition to the August Contest and there's more to come. I'm very excited about the upcoming giveaways I have for you this month, including Shikai products, Tarte products, Organic Apoteke products, Orly treatment products, and more. I may not have enough days in the month left, but I guess there's no harm in continuing the giveaways as often as I can during any given month. My slight OCD makes me feel that I have to put them into this month because they fit the theme, but prizes are fun no matter what, right?

Lastly, I wanted to let you all know that I've set up a little blog store which you can access by clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner. I have had many, many requests for Massini Nail Lacquers, which are limited to a small geographic area, so I thought it might be nice to offer them to you this way, for those of you who are interested. Because of the nature of my work, I can also get some beauty products at a very reasonable cost, so I'll be adding those as well, if I feel it's something that you might be interested in. I've tried to keep the cost at or just slightly above my cost (the Massini's are 1 cent above my cost because I don't like dealing in odd numbers...there's that OCD again!). It's a simple set up I made for ordering, because I am trying to keep it small to see how it goes and also to keep the costs down. I'll be updating the page over the weekend, and if there's a shade you'd like but don't see listed, let me know and I'll try to locate it for you. I'm not going to post updates on products added on this, my main blog, because that's not what this blog is for. The link will always be there, so check it out if you're interested.


  1. great haul hun and i love the new shop great idea,are you going to be shipping to aus?

  2. Very nice!
    I've given up on finding the W&W Craze (in the hopes that by giving up they will magically appear the next time I just happen to stop by a drug store....)

  3. Skye~yes, I intend to. I know it's expensive, but I've been told Intl. First class is the least expensive. I'm still exploring and will use the cheapest service they offer and just charge you that cost. If you know of the best option, let me know :)

    Nosaby~I really wasn't looking for them and there they were, so I had to get them. Then they were out of he brown one, but I was able to locate it. They'll show up. I thought they were in a separate display, but they're just with all the other WnW things in the usual rack.

  4. OMG Mary, I've been WANTING Massini nail polishes because they're amazing. I'm looking forward to that shop! Great haul btw!

  5. Ooh, I've had my eye on those Massini polishes - yay for your shop!

    Love your haul, I got one of those teddies from Transdesign too, and he's so very cute :D

  6. Nice haul! Thank you for doing this! I have been looking for Massini polishes for a while now and I can't find them here. I look forward to doing business with you :)

  7. Great haul! Also a great idea to offer those polishes at such a low cost :)

  8. That's such a good idea for the blog shop! Also very nice of you!
    Your haul looks great. Looking forward to some swatches :)

  9. Nail Fanatic~ha-ha, just what you need, more polishes :) I'm going on a buying trip to another Meijer to stock up!

    Selina~my daughter snatched up that stuffed animal right away :) Massini's are fun polishes.

    Pinkginger~yay! I've been thinking about it for a while, so I'm glad everyone is receptive to the idea.

    Kae~I can't wait to play with my haul. The new Misa collection isn't getting much news, so I'm anxious to try them out.

    Glittermille~thank you, I hope it works out okay and it should be fun.

  10. What a great idea for the shop. Lovely.

    I have a touch of the old OCD as well but mine's more related to turning stuff off and locking up the house.

    Fab haul too. Since I'm not hauling at the moment I am enjoying looking in admiration at other people's goodies!
    Having said that, I picked you up am amazing polish today and I SO want to tell you what it is but am tempted to leave it as a surprise!

  11. Oooh! I'll be clicking on to your shop as soon as I comment. Very interested in seeing the Massinis! That's a really fantastic idea. I have a touch of OCD myself, and I recently found out the reason why I count everything is because of that. And, I really do. When I'm putting up plates at work, I count them. *lol* So strange.
    I've certainly been enjoying your posts this month - I have learned quite a lot! Thank you for such a great theme.
    But, I am also looking forward to some swatching from you - you come up with really neat stuff as far as polishes go, your swatches are lovely as well.
    My desk gets to looking like this, I still have bunches of untrieds put away, but I've gotten in the habit of putting my untrieds on my desk, and it's a tad overflowing. *lol* Your haul looks amazing!

  12. Are you going to sell Orly Nail Rescue? I cant find it in any Sallys

  13. I love the Diamond Dust. You have some nice products there. Your going to be very busy swatching. I can't believe your going to have an online store! I guess you feel you have so much time at your disposal you should add more things to do. Your crazy and it's a very sweet thing to do for all of your readers. God Bless you Mary.