Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Swatch From Color Club's Wild at Heart Fall 2009 Collection

Above & Below: The pictures above are all outdoors when it was just starting to rain. In natural lighting, any shimmer/glitter/holo traits are somewhat diminished, but I love the look. Indoor lighting with flash as shown below tends to brings out the colors that are more hidden otherwise.
Below: A little off-topic, but still within our natural/organic theme...this is what I picked up on my weekly trip to my favorite small-town local produce stand. They have the best fruits and vegetables I've ever tasted and if you can see the receipt that's laying there, it ran me a whopping $17.12. The are not an organic farm, but they are one of the few farms in our county who do not fumigate their soil and use a much more natural based growing philosophy than most farms. I believe that's why their produce is so good.
Here is my first swatch from this 6 piece collection, and this polish is the namesake of the collection, as it's called Wild at Heart. Let's start with the obvious: it's purple. That's about the only description that I can be certain of. I'm at a loss to describe the finish because it has so much going on, yet not one descriptive word can define it. Is it a shimmer? Is it a holo? Is it a glitter? The answer to those questions are yes, but not entirely. You can clearly see the shimmer in it and it's very fine and delicate. It does have holo tendencies and seems to change it's appearance in different lighting and at different angles. And as you can see in the photos, the shimmer seems to mix with a slight holo effect and look more like a glitter at times. Whatever it is, it's an absolutely beautiful and entertaining shade that applied perfectly and dried a little faster than average. I could have gotten away with one coat, but I can't seem to let myself stop at just one. I had complete, even coverage with no 'bald' spots whatsoever in just one coat. I'll continue swatching and posting these because I'd like to be through them by the end of the weekend so I can get back to the QRS and Kleancolor polishes that are waiting patiently in the corner.


  1. Wow wow wow wow WOW WWWWOOOOWWWW!!! Sooo beautyful! *pics up jaw*

  2. OMG I NEED that polish!

  3. gorjuz mary i love the slight holo very pretty and u made me hungry with those delicous fresh vege ande fruit yummmm

  4. it's so gorgeous! I love this color!

  5. I loooove Color Club. That is awesome.

  6. WOW! I knew I was going to love that purple as soon as I saw your bottle, and I do! Looks fantastic on you. I need that!
    Yum, to me there is nothing better than fresh fruit and veggies. I could make a meal out of what you have there, not even needing meat!

  7. Wow. Makes me think of the Milky Way. Just beautiful.

  8. I love this color, you are killing me Mary, killing me!

    The fresh produce looks delicious! I love the farmers market and cooking fresh local veggies the same day.

  9. That's an epic purple. So much starry shimmer, it's like a NASA photo.

    Farm fresh produce is a great joy.

  10. Mary, this color is awesome.

    Fresh making me...HUNGRY!

  11. Kajsa~I take it you like this one?!! I'm right there with you :)

    Phyrra~isn't it beautiful? I'm blown away by it's intricate goings-on!

    Skye~glad you like it! I don't even like fruits and vegetables all that well, but this place must do something to them, because they're delicious.

    Inbal~I think everyone seems to love this one!

    Rachel~I don't think I have one Color Club that has disappointed me :)

    Nicole~I think everyone was iinterested in the purple, so I used it first! I ate no meat with my dinner last night, just vegeatables, even though I made a meat :)

    Nosaby~I like that description! It's a stunning polish.

    Kae~how's that no buy coming? Ha-ha, these are cheap so that shouldn't count, should it? Farmer's Markets are fun, I just wish they had fresh items all year long.

    Diana~this would look awesome on your nails and I'd love to see the prop you'd choose to photograph with it :)

    Denny~Isn't it a fantastic purple? I'm making the cucumbers tonight with sour cream, vinegar, onions and peppers. Yummy!

  12. Here's another one I must get. Vegetables and fruits look good. My girlfriend went to a local farm market and bought huge peaches, bing cherries, onions and tomatoes. New Jersey is known for their delicious tomatoes and peaches. Can't wait for the peaches to be ripe. Maybe another day and they'll be ready. I love it when we get fresh produce from local farms. Much tastier and cheaper than the supermarkets.

  13. Now I'm loving this, glad that Color Club is coming out with a new collection! I have yet to get a color club yet, looks like I need this one in my life.

  14. I think they've succeeded quite well with this collection, I really like this purple one!