Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Final 3 Shades in Color Club's Wild at Heart Collection

**Warning!!! I apologize for so many pictures, but I couldn't pick just one of each shade!**

Above & Below: Wild and Willing in various lighting. This polish is a true master of disguise. Who knew the bottle that looked like just a gold/bronze glitter could do all of this? The 2 pictures below are one coat of Wild and Willing over Rule Breaker, the turquoise in this collection, both taken outdoors without a flash in varying degrees of sunlight.

Below: Rule Breaker, a blue-based turquoise with a foily shimmer finish.

Below: Love 'Em Leave 'Em, a champagne beige with shimmer and a slight holo effect.

Below: Love 'Em Leave 'Em with one coat of Essie Matte About You.
Here they are, the last 3 shades from this collection. I think there's a little hidden gem of a nail polish in this collection and it's called Wild and Willing. It's part glass-flecked, part glitter, and best of all, it's part duo chrome. It looks like a golden bronze shimmer in the bottle with the shimmer bordering on glitter. But once it's on, it starts going all kinds of crazy, flashing pink, turning gold bordering on bronze and looking just absolutely amazing. I put a coat of matte top over it after I'd already downloaded the pictures and it turned into a copper foil. Rule Breaker is a turquoise that goes toward the blue side more than the green side of that color and has a bit of a metallic foil finish. It's a very nice shade and it applied much more evenly that I thought it would in 2 coats, given the type of finish that it has. Love 'Em Leave 'Em is more of a holo than the first polish I posted in this collection, the purple Wild at Heart. However, I would not classify either one as a true holo. It is a champagne beige that has massive amounts of tiny, highly concentrated glitter dust in it, and after 2 coats, I rather liked it. At first I was unsure, because it seemed to almost match my skin tone and the first coat really wasn't anything to get excited about. But after a second coat, it was a very simple, yet eye-catching shade. I'd have to say that my favorite one of the bunch is Wild and Willing, followed by With Abandon. Overall, this is an excellent collection and it was worth the wait for Color Club to bring out something new. These should be available late this week at Victoria Nail Supply.


  1. Now I'm loving all three of these! They all look so pretty on you. I have to get that Essie matte about you. Save a lot of money won't it. Shark week will be starting on the Discovery Channel if anyone is interested. The new shows start at 9PM. I can't wait. I love watching those shows.

  2. gorjuz mary,you honestly should be a hand model. i love the matte.very nice

  3. Oh, now I love all three of these! Very gorgeous. I think I've only been turned away from maybe one in this whole set of polishes! That Wild and Willing is amazing, I'm glad you took so many pictures of it!

  4. I literally gasped when I saw Wild and Willing. Pink, gold and bronze all in one polish. Breathtaking!

    Nice prop with Rule Breaker! :)

    I like Love 'Em, Leave 'Em too. I am drawn to lighter shades when they have something happening and holo glitter pieces qualify!

  5. I think I love the whole collection!

  6. Gorgeous colors, especially Rule Breaker :).

  7. thanks for the detailed review, and the great photos. this is an amazing collection, with true unique shades.

  8. This whole collection is amazing! Aaaaargh lol

  9. Oh my gosh, is the first one a duochrome? :O

  10. Lucy~Natte About You lets you matte anything. The only mattes I own are the Zoya ones and I see no need for any others with this top coat.

    Skye~ha-ha, I don't think I'd make it as a hand model, but thanks for the kind compliment :)

    Nicole~a fantastic collection, all in all. I'm glad you like the photos in quantity, I thought I overdid it a bit :)

    Diana~WIld and Willing totally shocked me with it's ever-changing beauty. And LeLe is subtle, but I agree, as long as it has something going on!

    Lina~happy you like them. I love the whole collection also.

    Tiff~they're all pretty in their own way and Rule Breaker is certainly lovely.

    Inbal~you're most welcome. I really wanted to try them all out and was so happy I did, because I love them.

    Kae~it really is. One or 2 are not quite as nice as the others, but I agree, I do love the whole set.

    Alexlyndra~it certainly appears to have come duo chrome going on. I was surprised by it's changing colors.

  11. Thank you for the swatches! I need them all :)