Monday, August 31, 2009

Essie Love, Beverly Hills

This is a lovely, albeit overpriced shade that Essie released earlier this year. It's a fairly bright red, infused with tiny gold shimmer that covered very nicely in 2 coats. The formula was just right, so don't blame that for the mess I made on my middle finger's cuticle. This is a Limited Edition polish, so maybe that's why I felt the need to add it to my collection. The description on the box (yes, that price even includes a box...such a deal) says "An opulent red infused with pure 24k gold." I do love red polishes that have a 'glow' to them and especially when you can see the gold veining in the bottle. There are plenty of other polishes out there that are similar to this without the high price, however. Color Club's Velvet Rope is one that comes to mind. Essie's seems a notch above the rest though, even if it is more expensive. The gold appears almost as a faint glaze over the nail, rather than actually in the polish. Maybe the 24k gold floats to the top of the surface. The longer I had it on, the prettier I thought it was and I'm happy I have it. This is probably as close to Beverly Hills as I'm ever going to get!


  1. I ave this, and it's a gorgeous color! And I also got it because it was "limited edition" haha

  2. I've seen this and keep passing on it because of the price tag. But I like your description of how the 24K seems to float to the surface of the nail, and I can see the shimmer in the bottle well in your pics.

  3. This is one of my fav reds, but I think your right about there being alot of similar reds for alot less.

  4. I have this one in my untrieds! I say that a lot, don't I?

    It's very pretty on you, Mary. It looks like the perfect red for fall with all the gold shimmer in complement to the changing leaves.

  5. wooow
    this color looks really really good!

  6. I've been dying to get one of this but its not avail where I am *sobz*

  7. This shade im not so sure about! Its just a bit TOO shiny and multi toned!

    Some companies seemt to think I have a nail blog..i dont think they actually pay attention!
    I tried tracking my last parcel to no avail so im sending on some of the latest things they sent me. This time ill take your advice and label it as flammable. Hope this package gets there soon. xx

  8. What a lovely color - I have to admit that this wasn't my first idea when I heard "Beverly Hills", but in second thought, I guess it does, love the gold shimmer and it looks great on you :-)

  9. That is gorgeous on you. I love the gold glow in the polish. It really show up. I passed on it because of the price. Thanks for giving an alternative color!

  10. Nail Fanatic~it is very pretty and I'm glad I'm not the only one drawn into the LE Edition hype!

    Nosaby~thanks, it is shiny, as I find most Essie's are.

    BeautyJudy~it was a little expensive, but I can see a difference in it compared to other similar ones I have.

    Kitty~I could live without it, but I live better knowing I have it...ha-ha!

    Diana~my pile of untried polishes is out of control. What's wrong with us?!!

    Aralka~thanks, glad you like it!

    Berry T~that's too bad :/ It's very pretty, but maybe you can find something similar?

    Tali~it's very shiny and reflects the light differently. Don't worry yourself too much about the package :)

    Tuli~thanks. At first I didn't see what was so special about it. but after it dried and I wore it for a day I saw how pretty it really was.

    Lucy~Color Club's is the same theory, but this one is just a bit richer, I guess, and shinier.

  11. I am such a huge red polish lover. I was not watching Essie when this lovely came out so I missed it. Now that it's under a new company, I doubt we will see the likes of some of these really amazing once in a lifetime shades that Essie used to come up with. I saw a bottle of Starry Starry Night go for $255 on eBay a month ago!!! That blew my mind for an Essie that is really just a nice navy blue with good silver glitter in it.