Saturday, August 29, 2009

Color Club Wonderland Holiday Mini Set

Above & Below: Wonderland, a delightful silver sparkle shade from the Wonderland Mini Set.
Below: The green shade is Under the Mistletoe and the red shade is Yule Love It.

Below: Do you wonder why Under the Mistletoe is my favorite? Look at that glitter detail!
Below: The boxed set.
Color Club will soon be releasing the Wonderland mini set for the holiday season. This set includes 3 mega-glitter shades and 1 clear top coat. The sparkles in these shades are intense, and one of the things Color Club does best, is sparkle and glitter. Wonderland is a bright silver sparkle, Yule Love It is a reddish pink tone, and my favorite, Under the Mistletoe, is a bright lime green or chartreuse shade. I used 3 coats to achieve the look shown in the pictures, although 2 would have looked fine, if you don't mind a little bit of the visible nail line showing through. These polishes do have a base color, rather than just a clear base with colored glitter. The glitter is densely packed and the size of the glitter is on the smaller side...not tiny, but definitely not chunky and large.The packaging is cute, decorated with snowflakes, making it a perfect stocking stuffer.


  1. These look great :) Did they go off well?

  2. there very nice and sparkly,wow christmas that was fast heehehhe

  3. it's the glitters season in your blog - and I love it! this collection is so much fun... thanks for swatching :)

  4. I only just discovered Color Club this year, and I absolutely love the brand. I can't wait to try these out, and their fall collection too!! Thanks for the swatches!

  5. Those are gorgeous!
    Color Club constantly impresses me. They're such an under rated brand but I love their polish.

  6. Oh, all of those are lovely, what a great set! I'll definitely be snapping up this cute little package when they become available. The other mini packs were sold out when I tried to buy them yesterday, so I couldn't manage to get the only matte I've ever wanted. Shame. I'll be hoping they come in soon. The green is my favorite too! All of them are wonderful on you.

  7. I love this set too! Color Club Always impresses me!

  8. I love the silver the best!! Very festive! Thanks for posting!!

  9. I love those glitters. Color Club really does glitter well. I will be buying them also when they become available. Don't you look lovely with your fancy fingers! Just love all the shimmer and sparkle.

  10. These look great Mary! How were they to get off? :d

  11. Those look great, especially the silver :).

  12. That green is going to be popular! I love the tone and the foil quality of the finish. I love Color Club glitters in general. How many ml are in the mini size?

  13. What a nice collection! I like all of them!

  14. The red and green glitters are so beautiful! I've actually never tried Color Club polish (blushes).

  15. What a great collection ! I just love glitters like this :-) And these colors looks so good on you - thanks for showing these !

  16. Brilliant collection that just sings Christmas to me (yeah I know we're still in August, but hey).

    Brooke is going to have kittens when she sees these!

  17. I love all these glitters you've been posting lately!! I'm soooo jealous! lol

  18. AllYouDesire~they came off iin typical glitter fashion, but using felt instead of cotton balls works much better.

    Skye~a little early for Christmas! But they're still lovely.

    Inbal~I love glitters, but the removal of all of these glitters is causing my removed to disappear quickly!

    BeautyJudy~I love Color Clubs, such a fantastic range of shades.

    Phyrra~I agree with you. I love their latest offerings.

    Nicole~aren't they cute? I love these little sets now that I have some. I think I'll start collecting them :)

    Kitty~these are great, and the green one is so pretty.

    Csarah718~the silver one is so sparkly, a little lighter shade, but I love it!

    Lucy~thank you! I feel very festive wearing these :)

    Kae~they came off well with felt, but I wouldn't attempt it with cotton!

    Tiff~the green caught my eye because I love greens, but the silver is very pretty too!

    Diana~yay! Another green lover :) I think they're .25 fl. oz., but the printing is so tiny, I may not be reading it right. They're good sized though and I would say they appear to be about half the size of a regular bottle.

    Alexlyndra~thanks! Glad you like them.

    Cupper82~you will love them if you ever have a chance to try them. Great polishes.

    Tuli~you're welcome! This is a nice little set.

    Helen~aren't they cute? And the colors are fantastic for the Holidays. Brooke will love them!

    Valerie~I'll stop with the glitters for a while! They are nice though :)