Thursday, August 27, 2009

Color Club Dark Romance The Matte Collection Mini's

Above & Below: 2 of the shades from Color Club's Dark Romance The Matte Collection. I used the m57 Konad plate for the stamping. All photos are with flash, as it's raining once again.

Above & Below: The finish on Smoke is matte and textured. Below is the mini set in the lower left corner, displayed against the print ad for this set. I love the artwork for this one.
Color Club recently released this collection of mini's and their take on the matte craze. This set includes 3 shades, a white (Alabaster), black (Dark Romance), and a textured silver (Smoke). Also included is a Matte Top Coat. The box/packaging is a whimsical, artistic design, and although I've never been a fan of mini's, this little set has changed my mind. The polishes themselves give you more than enough product, and are easy to handle during application. I just love the cute packaging on these and think they'll make a nice addition to my collection. I think most of you will agree, we don't just love nail polish, but many of us also collect it.

The white and black covered nicely in two coats when I used them, although I don't have a picture of the white one on my nails. The silver is my favorite one, because it has such a unique finish. It reminds me of anodized aluminum or the back side of a piece of foil. I tried out the matte top coat yesterday, and with the exception of Smoke (silver), I would say that the top coat and the black and white shades are more of an eggshell or satin finish. Not entirely flat or matte, but rather a slight bit of sheen. The Smoke is much more of a matte finish when used on it's own. It is raining sheets outside, so I really couldn't get an accurate picture of finishes because the flash kept going off. Victoria Nail Supply does carry many of Color Club's mini sets, and I believe she'll be carrying this one as well. They may be available at other e-tailers, but never having wanted any mini's...until now, I've never looked for them elsewhere.


  1. so pretty mary i love leopard print,i might try this one out its one of my my favorite konad plaits.

  2. I never thought I'd like the new matte trend, but seeing this and others all over the blogs has changed my mind. That silver is just gorgeous...I'm going to have to get this set.

    Nice konad too! :-)

  3. Oooh, Mary. I think you may have just converted me. I haven't been interested in a single matte yet - the suedes from OPI I found mildly interesting, only because they looked pretty with a glossy top coat! Haha. But this silver? Oh, that's yummy. It looks fantastic. Thanks to you, I'll be picking this up next go round! Wow. The konad just is the perfect addition to this mani.

  4. Nice mani and I love your new blog design ;)

  5. This is another amazing manicure. Love the one nail that is leopard. Very sexy looking.

  6. I love it, the silver is great and the stamp is so neat!

  7. Aralka~thank you!

    Skye~I always seem to reach for this plate more than other too.

    Jamie D.~I like the matte trend, still like the glossies though too!

    Nicole~I am enjoying the trend, just something a little different, I guess.

    Celine~thanks! I want to convert it to a 3 column next, but I don't really understand how :)

    Lucy~the leopard one is fun. Do you have a Konad?

    Kae~I love this silver, I think it's the texture that won me over.

  8. I love this set! A mini of matte top coat would be great for a first try with it too.