Sunday, August 30, 2009

China Glaze Meteor Shower Glitter

Above & Below: China Glaze Meteor Shower, shown outdoors under partly cloudy skies, no flash.

Below: Because matte is where it's at, Essie's Matte About You gives you yet another unique look when used over Meteor Shower. It reminds me of a formica counter top in an old diner, but in a retro, good way! The matte finish also seems to smooth out the surface.

Today we have another one of the new glitters hitting the market from China Glaze. There are something like 50 polishes in this series which also includes a much smaller percentage of shimmers. I don't know that these are considered an actual collection, but from what I understand, many of these have already been released in Japan as some sort of Japanese exclusive collection. I doubt I'll be getting any more of the glitters, although I am planning on getting a few of the shimmers when they come out. Victoria Nail Supply has received some of theirs in, and Sally Beauty is also receiving some, although it appears that each of these stores has a different selection of shades available at this point. I also noticed that VNS is now carrying Northern Lights, a holographic type top coat, in both the gold and the silver. I love my silver one so now I feel the need to have the gold one!

Meteor Shower is a deep navy blue polish filled with small multi-colored glitter. I don't know why, but both of the darker shades I bought in this group (the other being Cosmic) are rather chunky and leave a rough surface on the nail. It isn't a problem, just an observation. The formula seems much thicker on the darker ones also. This is shown in two coats and it does dry relatively fast. These polishes have a base that contain a great deal of pigment, so although the first coat may seem a little streaky, the second coat gives you just what you need in terms of opaqueness. The chunkiness and roughness aside, because it is not noticeable to anyone but you, this shade is a glittery galaxy of prettiness that because of it's beauty, any issues that I mentioned about the finish become completely acceptable.


  1. 0o0o s0 pretty im loving the glitters

  2. Mary I'm in LOVE !! This one is a stunner !!!
    What a great color and what a great glitter ! I have to get this one too ! You're doing me a hard life

  3. This is really gorgeous, especially matte! I like how it is both black and blue, it's out of this world! I have the Northern Lights in Gold - it's great, if you like glitters and holos you'll love it!

  4. Amazing! I was looking for china glaze polish, but I couldn't find it in Poland.

  5. That is so beautiful. I can see this one being an enormous hit. Good on you, China Glaze!

  6. I *love* the polishes you're showing. I'd adore being able to order from VNS, but I'm not a pro, so can't. :-(

  7. This one is even more beautiful than the black oone.

  8. I love this color. the texture is an issue for me - It's disapointing. maybe with a thick coat of shiny top it will be better. I think that the matte version is great!

  9. Thank you so much for showing us all the polishes with a matte top coat :)

  10. This is going to be so difficult picking and choosing from all he glitter options! I love this one.

  11. curious, how does this compare to essie's starry starry night?

  12. Mary!!!!!

    I returned from vacation and my July winnings were waiting for me :D oh happy day :D

    Thank you so very much!!! Everything was in great shape and I had to wear Massinin Orange Sunset on my toes right away (DH requested).

    Thanks again, you are so generous :D {{{hugs}}}

  13. China Glaze has outdone themselves with these glittes. This another beautiful polish. I don't care if it's bumpy or not. It's too pretty to not want to come to my house right now! Just beuatiful on you Mary. Thank you for wearing these beauties. Love it matte. It does look like a kitchen counter! These lovely things need to get here quckly.

  14. I'm wowed, this one is completely insane. I love it.

  15. Skye~these are glitter-packed goodness!

    Tuli~it is quite pretty...and extremely glittery :)

    BeautyJudy~I should have my gold Northern Lights yet this week, can't wait!

    Aralka~that's too bad :( Maybe you can find it on e-bay?

    Helen~it's very nice...they went all out on this glitter collection.

    Missy Pratt~glad you like seeing them :) You don't have to be a pro to order China Glaze.

    Phyrra~I like this one better than the black one, as it had a nicer finish.

    Kitty~I knew you would!

    Inbal~I'm not sure why the finish is that way, maybe from so much glitter?

    AllYouDesire~no problem! It's fun to see what they'll look like matted.

    Kae~I picked up Atlantis (turquoise) at Sally today and thought about picking up a gold glitter, but I think I'm satisfied with the ones I have now.

    Berry T~I wish I had SSN to be able to tell you! I think this has larger glitter and the glitter's more multi-colored than the glitter in SSN.

    Pinkginger~thanks, glad you like it!

    Nailsit~yay! Glad you like everything. I wondered where you'd been, haven't seen you around for a couple of weeks :)

    Lucy~I hope yours arrive soon. You'll have fun using your new matte top over them.

    Clockwork~these have all been insane! Some more than others, but they're pretty intense as far as glitters go.

  16. I'm so stoked! I don't have words!

  17. I agree with tuli, this is a super stunner. I can picture some lovely woman just staring at their nails and saying, "Like wow!" Why does it look so good?" The Essie Matte makes it even more stunning like frosted glass! Also gorgeous! This is one of those, "I must have this now, please! colors. Kudos. Nameste.
    Mc Huggs :)