Saturday, August 1, 2009

Body & Soul August Contest

This month is going to be 'Organic & Natural Beauty Month' on my blog and I'll have a number of posts and reviews featuring various products that fall into that category. Each month the prizes are geared more toward nail polish, and this month nail polish will still be part of the prize, but we're going to include lots of other beauty products as well. There will be 2 winners selected, one on August 12 and one on August 26. Both prizes will be identical and will include items from Juice Beauty, Badger, Savannah Bee Company, Simply Organic, Overall Beauty, One With Nature, and Zoya, among others. For those of you who come here for your nail polish fix of the day, rest assured I'll still be posting plenty of nail pictures, both those laden with chemicals and those that are made with a little safer approach! I chose to include Zoya as the main nail polish in the prize basket, because they make a fantastic polish and they were an innovator of toxic-free polishes. The Zoya part of the prize will include your choice of 3 Zoya products (you can choose nail polish or their Hot Lips lip gloss. For example, 2 glosses and 1 polish, or 3 choose what you want in the shades you want, and I'll order them and have them sent directly to you). I don't have a photo available yet, because I'm still adding products and putting the finishing touches on the baskets, but all of your products will be in a natural, reusable woven basket. There will be a photo posted once I get everything assembled. I'll be using and reviewing many of these products during the month, so if you aren't familiar with some of the product lines, I'll try to provide you with a little more information about them. Don't worry, I won't use the prize products, I'll be using my own! To enter the contest, please read the details/rules in the upper right hand corner of my blog and send me an e-mail.

I'm also working out some other details for products that tie into the theme, and if all goes as planned, I'm hoping to have several individual product prize offerings that I'll post throughout the month as a daily giveaway (not every day, unfortunately!) that you can win by responding to a post or something like that, and if I can get the hang of my newly acquired Twitter account, I may offer a few that way.

I hope you enjoy some of the information that I'll be posting about this month and although I'm not a complete 'green' person, nor do I typically use a lot of organic/natural products, I am learning quite a bit about them in researching everything I'm working on, and have discovered some wonderful new products and product lines that have already become part of my daily routine. Mother Nature has a way of rejuvenating and replenishing this earth of ours, despite some of the devastating effects that the human race has had on it, and I'm finding that many of these nature-based products can do the same for us.


  1. Very cool! Can't wait to see your reviews!!! Happy August!

  2. I'm very interested in your posts this month, that will be super fun! I love Whole Foods, they have several makeup lines under the natural and organic labels that I love to play with. This should be quite interesting!
    I sent you two emails - I am as usual, dingy as all get out and addressed the first one wrong. My apologies for that!

  3. Inbal~glad you like it! I didn't want to scare anyone off by getting too far off the nail topic, but we all love beauty products, no matter what they are :)

    Celine~thank you! It was hard for me to narrow down what to do this month.

    Kitty~Happy August to you also :) I hope you enjoy the reviews.

    Nicole~Yay! I was worried it may not go over, but I find it an interesting topic. I wish we had a Whole Foods, I've never been in one :(

  4. Nice contest. Very sweet of you to have two of them. The Whole Foods Market isn't that close to my house. Shame it wasn't. This should be an interesting month.

  5. Hey,
    I'm entering your contest. My email is ksdkemp (at) gmail (dot) com.