Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barielle/ALU Out-Grey-Geous

Above & Below: Outdoors, no flash under partly cloudy skies. The sun kept popping in and out, so there are various degrees of lighting.
Note: Click on some of these photos to enlarge them and you'll see what I mean about the shimmer showing up as either gold or multi-colored.

Below: Indoors, with flash.

Below: I used one coat of Essie's Matte About You for a smooth, flawless matte finish.

Below: This polish seems to have many personalities...the finish sometimes shows multi-colored shimmer or gold shimmer. When matte topped with Essie's Matte About You, the gold shimmer in still visible (last picture of these 3 close-ups).

Below: My loyal and trusty photo assistant, Out-Grey-Greta!
This shade from the Barielle/All Lacquered Up Collection is described on the Barielle website as "Silver Shimmer", but there's more to this beauty than that! O-G-G is indeed a silver, but it's more of a medium gunmetal grey to me. And yes, it is a shimmer, but the shimmer is quite captivating in that it is both multi-colored and gold. Not at the same time, however. I don't know why, but if you look at the photos (which are the same in reality) you can see what I mean. Isn't that interesting? I have been so caught up in this fabulous collection that my penchant for top coating everything with a matte top coat before removing it has been all but forgotten. I remembered to do it with this one though, and it turned out very nice. You can still see some of the shimmer underneath it, which is always a plus. All of these polishes (this is #9!) have applied nicely in 2 coats. I'll finish up this collection tomorrow with the last three. Barielle is coming out with a top coat of their own very soon called Matte-inee, and you can check it out on their blog.


  1. I love this color matte or regular!!

    great post!

  2. Aww, Greta has such a sweet expression. Those eyes!

    I was prepared to skip this color until I saw your swatches. Now I am completely entranced by the shifting points of sparkle. Lovely!

  3. Hi Mary ! Glad to be here again :-) I see you have so many new things here and I'm going to catch up now with all your wonderful things and enjoyable posts !

    Greta is so charming and this polish has really special shade - I also love it in matte.

  4. That's the best Greta photo yet! I just want to fling my arms around her. I miss my shephard Dustin. He was a deeper shade. More black in his face. He was such a sweetheart. I wanted him to be an inside dog but no go. He shed like crazy and always slept by a door. He just loved the outside. He's been gone many years now but I still can feel his heavy tail thumping against me when it wagged!
    Now on to the nail polish. Just another gorgeous beauty. I am very pleased with this collection. So far not a stinker in the collection. I still have on Falling Star. I added more coats and it's a deep slate blue. Still beautiful.

  5. Nice shade! It looks really nice matte.

  6. Gorgeous shade.
    Greta has sweet eyes, want to hug her ♥

  7. I love the shimmer in this one! and Greta is beautiful :)

  8. What a gorgeous doggy face! My dog (border collie cross) does this exact same face, and it normally makes me throw my arms around her neck and bury my face in her fur! Utterly irresistible.

  9. Aquaheart~thank you! I wish I would have remembered to matte some of the others to see how they would turn out.

    Diana~Greta is very sweet, a bit high strung, but she's young. The sparkle or glitter in this one is puzzling to me, but beautiful.

    Tuli~glad to have you back :) Greta thanks you for the kind words about her. THis is a nice polish, a little different for a gray/silver shade.

    Lucy~I can't imagine not having a German Shepherd among my pets. We'd like to get another one, because it was great having 2 when we still had Max, but we're not quite ready for another one yet.

    Alexlyndra~thank you, greys always seem to look nice as matte shades.

    Celine~happy you like this shade. Greta is very much a camera hog! She see's the camera and she starts posing!

    Pinkginger~isn't the shimmer interesting? Greta says 'thank you'!

    Selina~thanks! Border collies are very nice dogs, and smart! Greta is very affectionate and loves being hugged.

  10. I love that the puppy must attend all outside photo shoots!! :)

  11. Lovely, kind of like Brand New Skates. Ahhh, so pretty!