Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barielle/ALU Lava Rock

Above & Below: Barielle/ALU's Lava Rock. It's been raining off and on all day, so those are raindrops you see in the first picture. Outdoors, no flash.

Below: These are photos taken indoors with a flash. You can see how Lava Rock appears more as a deep wine in artificial light. It takes on more brown tones in natural lighting.

Lava Rock is described on Barielle's site as a "black with red pearl swirl". In the bottle it appears to be a deep wine with faint gold shimmer. Once applied, besides being described as deep, rich and beautiful, I would still call it a very deep wine that tends to look more brown in some lighting and more wine or burgundy in other lighting. It has a thin, black, watery base, which is quite obvious with the first coat. The second and final coat deepens the overall color and you are left with what you see in the photos. This one, like the others I've shown you previously, dries at a moderate rate and has an extremely shiny finish. I have not used a top coat with any of them. The shimmer in this one is very fine and not overly noticeable, but it adds a nice touch to this shade.

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  1. I'm definitely going to use your tips when I put in an order with them!
    That polish, it just glows. I think it's gorgeous!

  2. oh wow! I just love colors like this. Too bad I will not be able to get this little gem here in Czech Republic :(

  3. Another gorgeous shade. I almost changed my polish but I couldn't. I love Falling Star. I just added another coat to freshen it up. I had a little tip wear. I can't believe how shiny these are.

  4. What a beautiful shade - I am such a sucker for these deep red/brownish colors. I think this one has to get added to my list!

  5. Skye~thank you :)

    Nicole~yes, those are some great deals! This one I loved also...I say that about every one in this collection :)

    Pinkginger~it sure is, thanks!

    AllYouDesire~did you check their UK site? They might deliver to you, I'm not sure. But it's worth checking out :)

    Lucy~I know you must love it if you're still wearing it! It's beautiful, so I don't blame you. I agree with you on the shine, unbelievable!

    Nivipa~how big is your list now?!! It's a nice shade and I like how it's either burgundy or more brown.

  6. Oh, i'm in love with this color, so pretty !

  7. Celine~isn't it pretty? I fell in love with it too, very rich looking.

  8. Yeehah! This is awesome. I love the glowy-ness of it.