Sunday, August 23, 2009

Barielle/ALU Continues: Putt-E On Me

Above & Below: Barielle/ALU's Putt-E On Me shown outdoors, mostly sunny skies, no flash. Look at the shine!

Below: Indoors, with flash.

Putt-E On Me is a warm toned taupe grey shade that surprised me with it's beauty. At first glance it reminded me of something along the lines of OPI You Don't Know Jacques or Orly Prince Charming, but it isn't really close to either one of those. It has the slightest hint of mauve or dusty lavender in lower lighting, but over all, it's a mushroom shade. Barielle describes it as a "Classic Clay Creme", which I'd say is fairly accurate. The application on this was perfect (2 coats), smooth and just the right consistency. It flowed very nicely and covered evenly. The finish on this one, as with the others I've showed you, is a very high gloss. This is a very trendy shade and although I have similar shades, the application moves it right to the top of my favorites in this color family. I've only got 2 more left to go on this wonderful collection, and I'll be posting those later today.

Reminder: Make sure and scroll through my previous posts to see how you can receive up to 35% off and free shipping, should you decide to order any polishes from Barielle.


  1. I like the greyed out look of this color, very pretty. Your nails are getting so long they look great!

  2. no sooner said than done hehe ^^ pics tomorrow on my blog, I'd like to have your opinion ;)

  3. gorjuzz grey,im after a nice grey

  4. Oooh, I can see how this is different from the other two - and another one I need! It's very cool. Looks great on you, Mary!

  5. it's a beautiful shade. I got a NP very much like it, of the Israeli brand "chic". mine is a bit lighter. thanks for sharing!

  6. So pretty! I might have to buy this collection :)

  7. I love this color,looks great on you!

  8. Celine~I really like this shade. Not a color I wear a lot, but it's a great shade. I'll wait to see your Franken!

    Kae~my nails are going to get cut very soon. They grow pretty quickly, but they're starting to 'get in the way.' I poked Greta in the eye yesterday by mistake :/

    Celine~yay! I'll be sure to check it out.

    Skye~a great shade anytime, but especially in the Fall.

    Nicole~thank you! How many of them do you need now?!!

    Inbal~I think I just have 3-4 this shade, but wach one's different.

    Pinkginger~I wasn't going to buy them all, but I'm actually glad I did!

    AdorePink~thank you, I rather like it!

  9. Do I even need to say how much I love this??!

  10. Beautiful! Loving all of these swatches. Your nails are going to need some TLC after all of these swatches. Thank you for doing the whole collection. It's nice that you've done it immediately. Just in case something sells out. I got mine right away thanks to you.