Friday, August 21, 2009

Barielle/All Lacquered Up: Make-It-A-Latte

Above & Below: Barielle's Make-It-A-Latte shown outdoors without a flash in the above photos and indoors with a flash in the photo below.
Make-It-A-Latte is my second swatch from the Barielle/All Lacquered Up Fall/Winter 2009 collection, and it's a rich, chocolate brown creme with very fine gold glitter. It applied nicely in 2 coats and dried at a reasonable rate. It appears more as a creme, and the glitter, although densely packed throughout the polish, is barely distinguishable once applied. Despite the glitter not really showing up, it's a beautiful shade of brown. I don't have many true brown shades, so I'm happy to add this one to my collection. I spoke with Barielle about offering this collection for those of you who are International, and they will be offering it in it's entirety on their UK site within the next couple of weeks.

I'm getting terribly behind in my Natural & Organic Beauty theme this month with all of these new collections coming out, but I think it's important to show them to you before or soon after their launch so you can make a better decision about which ones you like and which ones you don't like. I'll be swatching this entire collection until I've gotten through them all. Barielle polishes are Big-3-Free, by the way. See my previous post below if you're interested in ordering from Barielle, so you're sure to take advantage of any available discounts. I'll continue more Natural and Organic reviews during August, and if need be, I'll carry them into next month. I know it really doesn't matter, but I'm one of those organized people that when things get off schedule or I get behind in my intentions, it makes me crazy!


  1. I love the finish on this, the fine glitter makes it look more rich and glossy. Looks nice and fall-like, it makes me think of cozing up in front of a fire lol. Looks really nice on you Mary!

  2. What a gorgeous shade of brown!It reminds me of hot chocolate :)

  3. I really love this brown. The undertone of shimmer enhances the overall shine. It would make a great base for Konad too.

    Even if you are feeling behind, Mary, I still feel like you are very on point. I always describe your blog as being "professional". You really do present your posts with an eye for detail.

  4. Mary this looks amazingly beautiful on you. This just makes your skin glow! That's a gorgeous brown. What are you using for a topcoat? It's like blindingly shiny! When I saw the pictures I thought "Oh damn, I wish I'd ordered this"! Hooray I do have this! I think this will be another favorite of mine. I have a few chocolates but this is I believe the prettiest.

  5. I don't have but a couple of browns like this, so this is really appealing to me. I love it of course! I thought I would. I think that last shot shows the shimmer probably the most. I'm so glad you're showing these collections! Thank you so much.

  6. Kae~thank you for the nice comment! It's a great shade for Fall and I love a nice, chocolate brown (and a cosy fire!

    Pinkginger~it reminded me of Revon's Hot Chocolate as soon as I put it on, but the gold really adds a nice, subtle touch.

    Diana~glad you like it! Thank you so much for the nice comment about my blog, it means a lot to me!

    Lucy~no top coat on any of these Barielle shades! I'm glad you got it and I think it's my favorite shade of brown now.

    Nicole~happy to share them with you! As I said, I dont have too many browns, so this is a welcome addition.