Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WnW Chrome in Pewter, Massini Drama Queen, Flowers!

Above & Below: Wet n' Wild Chrome collection in Pewter, a lovely peach/orange with gold shimmer.
Below: Close up to show the gold shimmer.
Below: Not the best picture, but this is Massini Drama Queen. Click for detail of bling!
Below: Our Clematis vine in full bloom.
Hello! I hope everyone's doing well and for those of us in the States, I'm sure you're counting down to the long 4th of July Weekend! I think I underestimated the allure of Massini polishes because I had a ton of entries yesterday and it's only the 1st of the month! If you're interested in the contest, check the informational box in the upper right corner of the blog.

When I went to Meijer the other day to pick up the Massini polishes, I found yet another (this is my third one) Wet n' Wild Chrome polish. This time in Pewter, even though the color is orange. That's why I like Barry M polishes, they say Coral and it's a Coral polish. They say Mint Green on the label and guess what? It's a Mint Green. I just love these Chrome collection polishes, even though their names don't match the polish and they're not chrome. They apply great (this one took 2 coats, although the others I have worked with 1) and wear well. I never did find the collection display, but every time I go to Meijer I find 1 sitting all alone on an end aisle. I'll keep looking, maybe I'll find more.

I told you yesterday I'd try and show you some of the Massini polishes I have in my collection, so today I pulled a picture I took in March of Drama Queen, which is one of the polishes in the July prize collection. Drama Queen is extremely blingy and very pigmented. It doesn't need to be used over a colored base because it has enough color to look fantastic in 2 coats. It's packed full of sparkle, which is always a plus! I couldn't resist posting a picture of one of our Clematis vines I took last night. It's in full bloom and I don't know about you, but I think it's beautiful and it makes me happy every time I look at it. This plant was only 12" tall when we planted it last makes me wonder what it will look like in a couple of years!


  1. I love your Clematis! I want to put one by our mailbox (to cover it up b/c it is plastic and ugly). I hope to do it this year or next. Keep the flower pics coming, they inspire me!

  2. Thanx for te comment Mary im loving you flowers and ive entered ur comp so fingers crossed hehehe

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous! Your house mus be so pretty.

  4. Your clematis is beautiful. You really have a green thumb. I really love the flower photos. Drama Queen is amazing! I've never heard of the brand. I got an email from Kim@OverallBeauty. There's going to be a new collection soon. Some exciting new colors I bet. One is named Throb. Kim is still testing some colors. I can't wait to see them.

  5. I like them both. I haven't seen W and W Chrome at my drugstore. I'll have to keep looking.

    Love the Clematis. I can't grow anything.

  6. I have the same thing with the chrome's just random bottles All by them self sitting on end caps? Weird! Love it all very pretty flowers!

  7. Love the polishes. The Clematis is beautiful! :)

  8. I visit local gardens and arboretums at least a couple times a month in the spring, summer and fall. Your clematis really looks like a showpiece that could be featured in any one of them. They certainly come back stronger each year with love and care.

    I am really liking Massini Drama Queen! How odd that Wet and Wild classified that color as a chrome. It's still a pretty summer shade.

  9. Nessa~Congrats again on the house! They would be great on a mailbox and there's easy to care for. Glad you like the pics!

    Nailz~you're welcome and good luck in the contest!

    Kae~thank you, I love all of the plant and flowers and keep getting more!

    Lucy~I can't wait to see what she's got coming up either, but I'm sure we'll love it :)

    Nosaby~my husband is really the 'farmer at heart'. He does great work with the plants, I just go out and putter, water, weed, etc.

    Kitty~that's odd, isn't it! At least we found some of them!

    Olivia~thanks! The Clematis has tons of blooms on it, so I'll be able to enjoy it for a while, I think.

    Diana~I can't believe how big it's gotten in just a year! Drama Queen is very...dramatic!