Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wild and Crazy Polishes by Sinful

Above & Below: Thumb=Gulf of California, Index=Wasabi, Middle & Bottle=Erie, Ring=Kermit, Pinkie=Long Beach.

Above: Bottle close-up of Wasabi. Below: L-R: Wasabi, Erie, Long Beach, Kermit, Gulf of California.
Wild and Crazy polishes are found in some independent beauty supply stores (elsewhere also, I imagine) and run between .99-$1.49 from what I've seen. These are manufactured by Mirage Cosmetics which is the same company owned by the gentleman who came up with Sinful polishes. They're similar to Sinful in their application and wear, meaning they're not fantastic, but for the price they're decent and come in some unique shades. The website is listed on the back of the bottle, although I don't see them on their website. The bottle is a bit smaller than a traditional bottle of polish, 12mL vs. the standard 15mL. My favorite is probably Kermit because I love the gold shimmer and of course, the name! Erie (the dark green one) is also well-liked by me because I love dark green shimmers. Wasabi is clear with added glitter and I'm sure it would dress up nicely over a darker base. Long Beach is a very nice shade of gold and has the added bonus of silver glitter, while Gulf of California (on my thumb, a robin's egg blue) is quite iridescent in real life, with a hint of duo chrome, flashing pink and violet in a subtle way. Have any of you seen these anywhere? I'd like to get a few more so I'll continue to check various beauty supply stores.


  1. The close of of wasabi is amazing. I love glittery polishes.. they are hell to remove but I just love the way they look!
    Id deffinately get Wasabi and longbeach!

  2. the close up of wasabi is just gorgeous.

  3. I am really liking Long Beach for some reason, and I too love Wasabi but what an odd name for a clear glitter.

  4. Gulf of California and Erie are my favorites. The name Wasabi cracks me up in relation to the polish. Perhaps that's what wasabi looks like in faeryland. :)

  5. Ooh. Kermit does it for me too (in a non Miss Piggy sense!)

    I've tagged you for an award by the way - not sure if you've had it before but I couldn't not nominate you!

    Also - did you get my email reply last week?

  6. Love the green polishes. Strange names though. I like all the glitter in Wasabi.

  7. Tali~I agree, glitter polish removal is not fun. Have you ever tried using a piece of felt instead of cotton? It works wonders!

    Clockwork~isn't that interesting? It looks unusual in the bottle but I really need to try it over something else.

    Kae~Long Beach is really pretty, I think it's the glitter that I like, subtle, but adds alot to the overall look. I agree about the name Wasabi, how did they come up with that?

    Diana~I even looked up Wasabi plants thinking I was missing something, but I don't see any relation to Wasabi anything!

    Helen~Kermit is my favorite of these too. Thanks so much for the award ♥! Replied back just a bit ago!

    Lucy~I have a thing for dark green shimmers, so I like it too. I'm going to try Wasabi over a dark base later this week.

  8. What a nice colors !! Kermit and Erie are my favorites :-)

  9. Tuli~those would probably be my 2 favorites also, followed by Long Beach :)