Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Reflection

Above: Our dogs helping us with yardwork today. Gizmo is on the left and is so ugly he's cute, Max rarely ventures far in the center (he just turned 13 so he's very old) and Greta wanted to play all day, on right. They're all rescue dogs and very sweet...except Gizmo!
Above and Below: What was blooming today L-R: Hollyhocks, Rose of Sharon, Day Lillies. Hmmm, which nail polish matches the Hollyhock?
Below: Our peach tree is finally producing edible fruit!

Above and Below: We have no decent shopping when it comes to cosmetics brands in my small town, but we do have this, Lake Michigan. I much prefer the summertime to the wintertime!
Another weekend has gone by too fast, but I hope you all were able to enjoy it! No nails to post today because we worked in the yard most of the day and trust me, you don't really want to see my hands! I'm going to treat them tonight to a good soak and scrub so they'll be ready to post again tomorrow. I just wanted to show you some more of what's blooming in our yard this week...I love how every week seems to bring new blooms and colors.

I was also thinking about how we all lament over the fact that we can't get certain beauty products in our town that we see each other post about, or in other countries for that matter. That's probably what irritates me about living in Small Town, USA. At any rate, I also realize what a quaint little town I live in and that yes, it does have it's good points too. Even though we have no Sephora, Ulta, or even Macy's for that matter, there is more to life than shopping (there is?!) I love seeing and hearing about where you all live, so I thought I'd show you some pictures of our area. The high point is definitely the beauty of Lake Michigan. We're just a block from the St. Joseph river which flows into Lake Michigan, and the lake is only a 5 minute drive away. But for all of it's beauty, this area can be brutal in the winter. So we enjoy what we have and to be honest, I actually like living in a small town. Chicago is about an hour away and South Bend, Indiana is 30 minutes away (and they at least have an Ulta and a Macy's!). Are you happy with where you live? It would be interesting to hear what you like and dislike about it.


  1. ooh beautiful pictures of the lake!

  2. Great pictures.. the winter time one looks like a fairytale. Ive never seen anthing like that!

  3. That was such a great post to read after not being here in a while :-) Your flowers are always the best and they make me smile everytime you post a picture of them :-) Your dogs are so cute (flowers and pets - you totally bought and Lake Michigan seems like a gorgeous place !

    I live in a medium city, which is attached to a bigger city (one of the biggest cities in Israel)and it's very comortable. I like living here because it is not noisy, everything is 5-20 minutes drive away and I have a gorgeous seaview, so it's not just buildings. There are houses here with gardens (my parents have), and houses with balconies - I have a balcony and I grow in my planters mint, Petroselinum, basil and more :-)

  4. Hi again !
    I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog! :-)

  5. Beautiful flowers, and I really love the picture of the peach up close, it is so fuzzy! ^^

  6. Your pictures are fabulous and I enjoyed reading your post! Your dogs are so adorable, flowers (and fuzzy peach) are so very beautiful, and the scenic view of the lake is so serene.

    The biggest city I've lived in that I remember was Anchorage, and that was plenty big enough for me! I've been living in a city now in California that is half the population of Anchorage and it's just right for me. Just enough stores for food and shopping but I don't have to spend 45 mins in traffic to get home at rush hour.

  7. What beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing with us Mary. You are a sweetheart! The lake views are beautiful. Each season has it's on beauty. Your flowers are gorgeous. When I lived at home my Mother had huge gardens. We had an acre of land. She grew the same flowers as yours and loads more. That's why I miss seeing flowers so much. I can't stand putting my hands in dirt! I shared that trait with my Aunt, my Mom's youngest sister. I watered the flowers and picked and arranged them. The peach looks beautiful. Peaches from your own tree are so sweet. God Bless your husband for all his work. Your dogs are so adorable and blessed for being rescued. I'm partial to the German Shephard. Our family had one named Dustin. He was so sweet. My town is small but it's very close to large towns. Plenty of shopping everywhere!

  8. Aw what adorable dogs! I'm always putting pix of my dogs on my blog :) x

  9. Awwww - What a lovely post.

    It is nice to see all your flowers and I am shocked that you live in a climate zone where you can grow peaches. It was clear to me in your early writing you were from a small town and had a peaceful pace of living.

    I hope my DH & I always end up in small towns and -never- have to live in a big city again. The town we live in at the moment has 40 000 people, We have a walmart, home depot etc. No claim to fame though, but a long demolished luxury hotel had furniture that was supposed to arrive from the titanic..... that's about it.

    I have always wanted to live on an acreage, have alot of space to grow pumpkins/gourds, and build furniture, the willow type and rustic lumber items. And just be free from the hustle and bustle of city livin!

    Honestly I have been so lucky with all my nail polish finds, and other bargain-type goodies I am not yearning for big city shopping. Plus internet shopping is always available, right?

  10. Love the pictures of your flowers and dogs!
    I enjoy where I live, although I do have to drive a little bit to get to certain places. Luckily, the places I go to most are very close to where I live. Like the grocery store, drugstores, etc. And, I would rather live outside the big city than live in it. I live outside of Jacksonville, in St. Augustine, Florida. :)

  11. What lovely photos! Thank you so much for sharing. Yes..I understand what you mean. As you know. We live on the Illinois side of the Mississippi from St.Louis. And I love it. We have small town life. Yet we are only a half hour away from St.Louis. If we feel the need for big city living. Every now and! The dogs are sooo very sweet looking too. Love that Peach! My great grandparents had peach trees and apple trees. I remember walking out in the yard with my great grandma. And you could smell the peaches. When they were ripe. She used to bake all kinds of things with the peaches. Then can what couldn't be ate. So none of those peaches were ever!

  12. I like these posts of yours! Your dogs are completely adorable - I have a huge thing for German Shepherds! They're gorgeous.
    I am always on the lookout for polishes that people post in my town, I can't always find what I'm looking for but I do have a lot of resources because there are a ton of stores and drugstores. I can't complain! I live in a medium sized town, a suburb of Raleigh, NC. The only real complaint I have about it is it is just too darned hot in the summer! I love it other than that, so I blast my ac a lot.

  13. Kellie~I've lived here most of my life and see it almost every day and I'm still in awe of it.

    Tali~isn't it pretty even all frozen?! It seems to take on many different looks depending on the day and the season.

    Tuli~glad you're back, I've missed you! It is a pretty area where we live and your town sounds beautiful. I'd love to see more pictures! I love animals and plants, so I'm glad you do too! Thank you so much for the award ♥

    Clockwork~thank you! I was surprised to see the peaches that big, I guess I should walk over there more often!

    Kae~thanks, I'm glad you like my off-topic posting sometimes! Your town sounds just perfect, I don't know if I'd enjoy a big city all of the time.

    Lucy~that's so funny that you don't like to get your hands in the dirt! I usually wear gloves, but at times I start doing just a little work and the next thing I know, my hands are ruined. I love the Shepherds too, I can't imagine not always having at least one.

    Victoria~I love seeing dogs, cats, animals in general on others' blogs! BReaks things up every now and then :)

    Deez~our area is known as the fruitbelt of the midwest but I agree, you wouldn't think as delicate as peaches are that they could survive, but they do. Lots of grape vineyards and wineries around here too. Your area sounds very nice too and I know you have some great shopping from the polishes you post!

    Olivia~happy you like the pictures! I love Florida, it's so nice to go there when it's the dead of winter here.

    Velvet~yes, your area is nice, I know. St. Louis is a great town but it is nice to be far enough from the big city, yet close enough for some adventure! I should learn how to can and make jellies. I've thought of it, but like so many things, never seem to find the time to do it :)

    Nicole~Believe it or not I was always frightened of Shepherds and our oldest one I got for my husband because he'd always wanted one. I figured for all he lets me have, the poor guy should get something! But my fear disappeared after owning one and I love them, smart, loyal, and scary-looking to other people! I've always wanted to visit the Carolina's, my sister lives in SC so someday!

  14. I love your photos! Lake Michigan is beautiful.