Thursday, July 9, 2009

Revlon Dark Pleasures

It was cooler and cloudy yesterday and it got me in the mood for a darker, Fall-like shade. Dark Pleasures are often found at Dollar Trees, Big Lots and the like for $1.00-$2.00 each. I have 4 of them and this one is my favorite. Talk Dirty is the name, and the other ones I have all carry a suggestive name with them...Rendez-Blue, Steel-Etto and Midnight Affair. I love olive green shades, the darker the better, and the primarily gold yet multi-colored shimmer makes it even more alluring. This one also is the one with the best coverage. I did 2 coats, but it was opaque in 1. I thought it might look good mattified, but it basically turned it black and the shimmer was totally gone with a matte top coat. Nothing worthy of picture posting!


  1. This one is so pretty ! I love its darkness and its gold shimmer - this is a perfect combination for an olive green like this :-)

  2. What a pretty shade, so dark and dreamy!

    I like your new layout as well, it's really cute!

  3. I have this shade,and like it a lot. Very nice for anytime,the mood strikes to wear it. Lol!

  4. this color looks terrific on your nails! seriously the shade is to die for.

  5. I think I've seen two posts today of olive-y gold shades, and I really, really love those! This is gorgeous Mary! I have a lip stain from that collection, but I never did pick up any of the nail polishes. I'll have to look for these and hope to find them! This is a really cute layout.

  6. I love this olive shade, and the shimmer is so beautiful

  7. This is one of my fav's! Great pics! you captured the color really well!

  8. Nice polish! I like the iridescent shimmer. :)

  9. I like this color on you too! Now I want to rush to the nearest dollar tree. lol Next time I'm there I'll check it out. :-) Your new layout is very nice.

  10. wow- I really like this one! I hope to find all these 'dark pleasures' when I visit the u.s.

  11. This looks gorgeous on you Mary. I love this color. It reminds me of a China Glaze color. Maybe Prize Winning Mare? I know it's from the collection that PWM is in. I like the new background. I'm so behind in all the blogs. I've been having computer "issues"!

  12. Beautiful! That golden olive color compliments your skin quite nicely.

  13. or perhaps complements! :)

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  15. This is such a pretty shade, I loved this collection I hoarded two of each lol ^^

  16. Tuli~it is so pretty, I really love the gold in it.

    Kae~I think the gold really adds something because it is so dark. I keep changing my layout, I'm looking for something I love but can't find it!

    Velvet~I wondered if you might have this one for some reason! It is very nice :)

    Kellie~thank you! I just love it.

    Nicole~I think it's a shade that you either love or hate, and we all seem to love it. Hope you can find some.

    Valerie~thanks :) The shimmer is my favorite part, makes it a bit different.

    Kitty~it's a tough one to capture, but they look pretty close to accurate.

    Alexlyndra~thanks, I think without the shimmer it would be kind of ugly :)

    Denny~thank you, I hope you are able to find some too! My layout keeps changing, depending on my mood!

    Deez~I wish you luck in finding them. I've seen them a couple of times, so they're out there.

    Lucy~hope you got your computer straightened out. There is an olive with gold in that collection, but I can't recall the name and I'm too lazy to get up and look :)

    Diana~thank you! I need a tan, bad! It would look even better then :)

    Nailz~alright! I just read yours, they're fun to read and learn more about each other.

    Clockwork~2 of each~ha-ha! It is a fantastic collection though, so I don't blame you.

  17. Beeeyoootiful! How does it compare to MACs Toast Of The Town? Or ChG Wagon Trail?

  18. Mary, I just had to share this. I was at big lots today and found this very color! Love it! I'm so happy. lol

  19. I love very dark and mysterious polish like this chocolate brown flavor of Revlon's Dark Pleasures, Scarlett Letter. reminds me of the candy on those TV commericals where the woman hide the last piece all to herself, well I think maybe this nail polish is the same, she hides it all to herself, whenn she goes out to meet her bf. Love, this shade on you,

    Mc Huggs :)