Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quirius/QRS Swatches of Starry Night

Here we go with some more Quirius/QRS swatches. I hope you're not getting tired of these yet, I still have more to get through! I'll break it up during the week, as I've got some other things to post about, but I'm totally enjoying these polishes so far. This is called Starry Night and it's a vivid medium purple neon creme. As expected with a neon, it appeared very streaky after the first coat, but the second coat perfected the look. Again, this one dried quickly and note that as is the case with most neons, it dries to a more satin finish. Not quite matte, but I would apply a clear top coat over it if I were going to wear it for any length of time. Up next will be Roose Flambe, a medium rose-colored shimmer that looks to have a small amount of silver veining in the bottle.
I was missing my dog this morning, so I went to tan and stopped at the pet store on the way home. My other two dogs are on the receiving end of our loss, because I ended up buying them a big bag of new toys and treats. It makes us feel better to shower the two dogs we still have with extra love :) Of course it always makes me feel better to buy nail polish, so I picked up 3 OPI polishes at the tanning salon, Dutch Tulips, Blushingham Palace and Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire. I sampled a lotion while I was there called Body Drench Hemp Moisturizer and it smelled so good and left my hand extra soft, so I'm going to try and track some down online for less money.


  1. mary this colour is my favoritteeeee g0rjuzz

  2. Wow...I think that's a true purple creme. Similar to a purple creme I'm looking for.. You're going to make me spend more money on polishes Mary!!

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  4. Oh Mary, I've missed your post about your dog... So sorry, hope you'll feel better soon *hugs*
    We have lost our dog last summer (5 years old only), I miss him a lot everyday !

    This neon purple is gorgeous !

  5. Awww :( I used to have a site bookmarked called the pet rainbow bridge? I just loved it, made me feel so much better. I wonder if it's still around! At this one you could post pics and a short biography of your pet.
    At any rate, I've had a couple of hemp lotions, one by the Body Shop(is it Shoppe?), which I may have mentioned to you, and I have one now that's actually a brand called Hempz, it smells divine and it's wonderfully moisturizing. I'm thinking hemp must make a wonderful add in to a lotion.
    This is a really gorgeous hot purple! I love it, and I'm definitely not bored with seeing this brand tried out.

  6. This purple creme is speaking to me! You've shown us some pretty neat lookin' colors. I'm sold, I've got to make a haul. lol

  7. I'm finally getting caught up on all of your great comments!

    Nailz~they're all your favorite, what are you talking about!!

    Nail Fanatic~don't blame me! I already want to place another order :)

    Celine~thank you, I'm sorry about your loss too. Only 5? That's too young :( But on a lighter note, I'm glad you like the polish!

    Nicole~I'm very familiar with The Rainbow Bridge, but I haven't been able to make myself read it since we lost Max. It's a lovly poem, though. I was reading about Hemp and yes, it's supposed to be a very powerful moisturizer. Glad you're not bored yet :)

    Denny~I'm happy to share these with everyone and glad you like them! I love a bargain and a great product at the same time.

  8. That is a hell of a gorgeous shade! I've started a list of polish wants with this brand. I put a star by this one because it's a special one to order first. I'm not getting bored at all by these. I need to buy more nail polish,not! I see Max in dog Heaven and he's making many friends there. Hope he meets my dogs and cats I've lost over the years.

  9. Nosaby~it's a perfect purple and the fact that it's so bright makes it more perfect :)

    Lucy~I'm so glad you're enjoying these! It's hard to narrow thing down for me sometimes. I hope Max meets your animals too, thank you.

  10. Woah, cool purple! It's really different from the ones you usually see. :)

  11. Mary this is definitely one of my favourites. I like how creamy it is.

    And I like the idea of Max making friends with Lucy's cats and dogs :)