Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quirius by QRS Swatches of Wicked

Above & Below: These are all taken outdoors without a flash as the sun was setting, so they are not full sunlight.

Above & Below: With flash indoors above, and with a matte top coat below.
Below: Look how it turns back to gloss when I got it wet...I know you needed to know that!
We're going to travel closer to the dark side for this one, a deep purple shade that once applied, is one step away from black. The first coat looked like grape juice, but the second coat, which was all this took, transformed it into such a dark shade of purple, that it's difficult to decipher what color this actually looks like. You can see by my sloppy paint job that there is purple around the edges. In some lighting it almost looks like a burgundy/brown shade, albeit a very dark one at that. It's extremely glossy and was difficult to get a shot of it without some sort of reflection of my surroundings, even with no flash. My day is not complete unless I matte coat something, but I thought perhaps matting it would bring the purple color up a bit, which it did not. I may be more inclined to like this when Fall weather approaches, but I'm not really feeling it's dark allure at the moment.


  1. the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was "tar." Not in a bad way at all. Very cool.

  2. I thought it looked like a shiny prune lol. That's right, I ate a prune not too long ago aaah. I like it, it's almost blackness is just so neat!

  3. Oooer, I love this one too Mary! And I love the matte shot with the water on it. That looks really cool for some reason!

  4. Without the purple around the edges I would never be able to tell that was

  5. This reminds me of Essie's version of Wicked! Except Essie is a vampy red. I love how the matte look wet. Very creative ;)

  6. This shade is interesting to me. Not sure of it. Like your photo of the matte with the drips. Maybe I'll want this in Fall.

  7. I thought that was jet black, the matte version looks fab!

  8. Nosaby~tar can be good! It reminded me of a really, really dark eggplant.

    Kae~yes, I can see a prune or even prune juice as a comparison :)

    Nicole~I'm sure I'll appreciate it more in the Fall. The water was just something I noticed when I was rinsing my hands, but I thought it was kind of cool also :)

    Chrissy~I know, isn't that something how that second coat just took away all of the purple? I wish it were a bit more purple once finished though.

    Nail Fanatic~that's what I thought too when I saw the name. I do like it, I think I'm just in the wrong mood to appreciate it!

    Lucy~it's nice, it's super shiny, which is great, but yes, not a summer color for me.

    Nora~I tried every angle and various lighting to get it to look a bit more purple, but other than the edge of my nails, you can't really tell :/ Matte is allways fun on any color!

  9. I love the way it looks matted.

  10. wow- these are all beautiful! Love all the matte you are doing!

  11. I love that colour - how do you think it would compare to Lincoln Park After Dark?

  12. Am laughing at Kae and her food associations! I couldn't work out what this colour was either. It is so aptly named!

    How was removal - was it a stainer?

  13. CLockwork~I had a hunch it would be a good shade to matte!

    Deez~so happy you're enjoying them all! It's fun to see what the color will transform into with a matte. Sometimes it's not such a good ending :)

    Selina~I don't have that one, so I'm not sure. Maybe check for comparison pics? I'm sorry I don't know :/

    Helen~I know, I had to laugh about the prune too, but she's right! I probably didn't have it on long enough to know if it would stain!


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